Roasted brinjal | Begun pora

Roasted brinjal or begun port is one of the favourites among bengalis. It can be prepared in short time and are better than fried brinjals  (too much oily). Please check the recipe below and DIY

Total cooking time of Roasted brinjal | Begun pora: 15 minutes

Ingredients for Roasted brinjal | Begun pora cooked for 2 people:

1. 1 big brinjal

2. 1 onion chopped

3. 1 slitted green chilly

4. Salt

5. Oil

Roasted brinjal | Begun pora:

1. Brush the whole brinjal’s exterior with oil

2. Put on flame directly or on a net

3. Rotate the brinjal on flame holding the stalk such that all the sides of brinjal are burnt and withdraw when the charred skin of brinjal begins to separate

4. Remove charred skin of brinjal, stalk and mash. Add little salt and chopped onions

5. Add slitted chilly on top

Begun pora is ready to be served with roti!

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