Is Vacuum Cleaner useful in India?

Vacuum Cleaners are amongst the most useful domestic appliances that you can buy. However, for some strange reason, they have not set the Indian market. Despite being incredibly popular worldwide, Vacuum Cleaner is not a common commodity in an Indian Home.

In this article, we will be analyzing the reasons behind the low sales of Vacuum Cleaners in the country. Moreover, we will also be listing the positives of owning such a device.

Why are Vacuum Cleaners not popular in India?

Regardless of being a very useful gadget, these machines have not been able to capture the Indian Market in a dominant way. The main reasons are as follows.

  • Cost- Vacuum Cleaners are fairly expensive and most Indians find it unnecessary to spend a good amount of money on Vacuum cleaners.
  • Electricity- Electricity is a premium in India. The electricity costs continue to rise and this has caused people to question the need to buy such equipment.
  • Erratic Power Supply- Power cuts are quite common in India and this is another reason why people opt against buying unnecessary electronics.
  • Cheap Labour- Labour is fairly cheap and readily available.
  • Preference for Broomstick- Indians have a notion that Vacuum Cleaners do not reach everywhere and that Broomsticks are the better choice. Moreover, cleaning with Broomsticks also serves as a small exercise for the people.
  • Many Indian women are housewives and they prefer to do the cleaning activities manually.
  • Indian homes don’t use carpets that much. Vacuum Cleaners are best suited for sucking the dust out of carpets.

Should You Buy a Vacuum Cleaner?

The answer is a resounding Yes. The above are just some reasons as to why an Indian opts out of using a Vacuum. However, that does not make the actual product bad in any way. In fact, here are some reasons as to why a Vacuum Cleaner would be helpful.

  • Saves Time and Energy- If you are a person with a hectic schedule, then it makes no sense to use a broomstick or other manual cleaning equipment. Vacuum Cleaners does the cleaning act in a few minutes. Moreover, there is minimal effort and you need not waste your precious energy.
  • Clean Pet Hair- Vacuum Cleaners usually have a lot of suction power. This power is best utilized in cleaning away the pet hair which is often scattered in carpets and floors. Manual Cleaning is simply not that effective in this regard.
  • Easy to use- Vacuum Cleaners are quite easy to install and use. Just plug it into the socket and you are good to go.
  • Robotic vacuum cleaners can be programmed in such a way that they do the cleaning automatically. Thus even when you are away from home, the house would be clean.
  • Eliminates Allergen- Most modern Vacuums are fitted with filters like HEPA that removes germs and disease-causing bacteria from the air.
  • Advanced Features- Vacuum Cleaners are now equipped with advanced features like sensors and home mapping. This would help them to identify the different kinds of surfaces and work accordingly.

Disadvantages of Vacuum Cleaners

  • Weight- Vacuum Cleaners are generally on the bulky side and not easy to move around. However, nowadays there are some lightweight models available.
  • Dustbin bags- You need to get yourself some reusable dustbin bags because many sellers do not offer them.
  • Electricity Cost- Vacuum Cleaners use a lot of electricity and would definitely contribute to growing bills.

Wrap Up

Vacuum Cleaners are highly useful in India and anywhere in the world for that matter. It is just unfortunate that Indians and their way of living mean that the device is not essential. However, if you are a neatness freak, it is a must-buy equipment

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