Ilish bhaja | Fried hilsa

Ilish bhaja | Fried hilsa, served with steamed rice, a fried cayenne pepper and the left over oil in which the fishes are fried, can be the simplest, tastiest meal on earth for the Bengalis. Ilish or Hilsa, is known as the ‘King of Fish’ is surely the best fish of the bengalis who are fond of fish. Check below how to prepare the shortest wonderful meal with Ilish bhaja | Fried hilsa. Also you can try, Kalo jeera foron Ilish jhol or Hilsa with onion seeds, Ilish bhapa or steamed Hilsa served in mustard sauce

Total time required to prepare Ilish bhaja | Fried hilsa: 10 minutes

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Ingredients for Ilish bhaja | Fried hilsa:

  1. Curry cut Hilsa or Ilish piece
  2. Turmeric powder
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Whole red dry chilly
  5. Mustard oil for deep frying

Ilish bhaja | Fried hilsa Recipe:

1. Take the pieces of Hilsa or Ilish and marinate with a very little turmeric powder and salt. It’s better to be a little restricted with the ingredients. The reason being, hilsa or ilish has its own wonderful unique taste and aroma which we want to retain and a lot of turmeric powder may overpower it’s innate flavor

2. Next after marination for 10 minutes, take mustard oil in a wok for deep frying. Heat it

3. Once the oil reaches smoking point, drop the fishes.  Fry till each side is brown and well fried

4. In the same oil, put whole dry red chilly. Fry it till it is brownish

5. Take steamed rice. Serve the Ilish bhaja | Fried hilsa, pour in the left over mustard oil over the rice. Garnish with the fried chilly and a pinch of salt at the side of the plate. Serve and win hearts of your beloved ones!

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