Duplex Printing Meaning

Duplex printers are special printer having the functionality to use papers both side. The printer identified and print on both side of the paper and thus you save cost on the paper side.


What is the meaning of Duplex Printing? 

Duplex Printing means to print on Double side of the paper.

How to Do Duplex Printing? 

you may get special command in the printer

Which Companies are selling duplex printer? 

All popular printer brands like HP, Canon, Epson are selling duplex printer

Does this duplex printer are available on online? 

Yes, you can buy such types of printer online from amazon or Flipkart. you may like to check best duplex printer in India

What is the difference between the duplex printer and normal printer? 

The duplex printer comes with the ability to print on both the side of the paper.

The duplex printer is available in laser or ink tank printer>?

Yes duplex printer is available in laser and ink tank category

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