Broccoli curry with coriander leaves

Broccoli is an exotic vegetable which is slowly getting popular in India. Due to it’s numerous health benefits people are putting it more and more into their diet. Broccoli s are green in color and looks much like our own ‘gobi’ i.e. cauliflower. But in reality you will be surprised to know that it actually belongs to the cabbage family. Whatsoever, in my kitchen during winters green, fresh broccoli s are always welcome. 

Today I will share a recipe from my very own kitchen that I fondly call as – Broccoli curry with coriander leaves. So let’s check out the recipe and do try it out. It’s easy to make.

Time required to make Broccoli curry with coriander leaves: 25 minutes

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Ingredients to make Broccoli curry with coriander leaves for 3 people:

  • 1 fresh big broccoli – break into several florets
  • 7 cloves of garlic – grated
  • 1/2 inch ginger – grated
  • 1big tomato – cut into half
  • 2 green chillies – sliced
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil – I used sundrop heart. Olive oil is a good choice

Broccoli curry with coriander leaves recipe:

  • Dip the broccoli florets into a bowl of water
  • Heater oil in a wok. Add green chillies, grated ginger & garlic. Fry till rawness goes off
  • Add broccoli florets in high flame and stir fry for around 5 minutes
  • Add salt, chopped coriander leaves along with the stems, tomato and stir fry in medium flame for 4 – 5 more minutes
  • Now, add a cup of water and cover cook for sometime in medium flame till the broccoli stems are soft
  • Open lid and cook in high flame till the broccoli curry turns a bit dry!
  • Switch off flame and serve hot with steamed rice or chapattis as side dish!

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