Top 10 Best Washing Machine Under 30,000 Rs. In 2022

Washing machines are now the most important machinery in our daily lives. Gone are the days where you would wash clothes by hand and spend time rinsing the clothes and putting them to dry for. With life getting busier we have found out the way to get rid of this. There has been lot of improvements in this machinery since all these years. They have made it efficient as much as possible, with inclusion of electricity regulators, efficiency in the motor motion, detergent dispensers, increasing the ability of washing process and many more. We are reviewing best washing machines under 30000 in India.

There are various brands which have already made their name in the market for the washing machines. Brands like, LG, Samsung, Bosch, IFB and many more are each other’s competitors. These are mostly the ones that have made it to my list. The main criteria these were segregated was based on the price they were available at which was below 30k. Within them there are other criteria like efficiency, power consumption and the type of load. I have given our various other features that make them unique when compared to the others. Some of these are very small features but make a lot of difference.

I have not rated or ranked them. There is no first or last from the list. Now without any further delay let us dig more on these specific products. I am making sure I cover most of the points that make them unique to each other.

1. Bosch 7kg Fully Automatic Front Load

Bosch 7kg Fully Automatic Front Load

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Bosch is a well-known company for manufacturing German engineering machineries. Their washing machines also live up to that status. This is a side load washing machine that comes with VarioDrum which is built to remove tough stains and at the same time be gentle to the clothes also. This is a fully automatic machine which means that only a single drum and the same drum acts as a wash tub and the spin tub. The drum is wide in its segment giving more room while adding in the garments for wash. There are various features that make this unique machine.

Active Water is the feature that makes sure the right amount of water intake is completed based on the weight of the laundry and the fabric it is made from. You would have seen your washing machine vibrate a lot after few days and some in the beginning itself. Well this one has reduced vibration in the machine making sure you are not stressed out by the vibration. The machine is designed in such a way that it takes lesser time to complete the wash for each round, thereby reducing wash time by 65%. This also means lesser consumption of electricity and lesser is the electricity bill.

The washing machine is also integrated with voltage check feature that deals with the electricity fluctuations efficiently. The drum self-cleans itself to get a longer life avoiding lint and toxic waste accumulation. Your baby is sleeping and you worry switching on the washing machine would wake it up then leave that worry. It is so silent that it does not even make a noise. It also works normally even during low water pressure making sure the washing is done as clean as possible.

A new feature added into this machine is the reload option where if you have forgotten to add in a garment to wash you can also add it in the middle of the wash. Additionally it comes with child lock making sure your child does not accidentally uses any button.

  • Child lock facility
  • Reload Function added
  • 10 years warranty on the motor
  • In-built heater for washing clothes in hot water

2. Samsung 6kg Fully Automatic Front load Washing Machine

Samsung 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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Samsung is a known brand in house appliances. In washing machines also, it is a leading brand. This model in discussion has a very elegant design and has been designed ergonomically with the manual and touch buttons placed at the right place. The digital screen is also large enough to view all function clearly. The drum is also designed with diamond texture which ensures the cleaner washing and at the same time takes care of the fabric to be maintained with its original structure. The quick wash feature makes sure the washing is done at a faster pace and the timer has timings to choose from.

Hard water is common now and to avoid the accumulation of the hard water scale, there is an inbuilt ceramic heater. It reduces the accumulation of the mineral content from the water in the pipes and the drum. The washing machine is also installed with a voltage regulator or also knows as the digital inverter that makes sure the motor is not impacted by the electricity fluctuations.

This 6kg machine is suitable mainly for a smaller family or bachelors where he clothes are lesser to be washed. The machine is also smart enough to understand how much water is required for the wash or the spin and regulates the water usage and also makes sure that the wash is done as expected. The door has been designed to be wide enough to make sure you can fit in many clothes.

This machine comes with a 3 year warranty on the product. However, the motor has been provided with 10 years of warranty. That’s a good bargain.

  • In-built Digital inverter
  • Ceramic heaters to control the accumulation of the minerals from hard water.
  • Diamond drum for better wash
  • Elegant looking with large digital screen

3. IFB 7 kg Fully Automatic front loading washing machine

IFB 6 kg Fully-Automatic Front Loading Washing Machine

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IFB have come up with this model of the washing machine which is fully automatic and is a front load machine. This is specifically built to be water and energy efficient. The capacity of the drum is 7 kg and that best fit a family of 3-4 members. There are pre-built wash programs which also takes care of the water consumption. The water pressure required is also quite less. To avoid the accumulation of the minerals in the pipes and in the drum it comes with the inbuilt water softener. This feature also leads to a better and soft wash to the clothes.

The cradle wash feature in the machine takes care of the delicate clothes. Fabric of silk, laces, satins would be taken care in the machine a lot better. There is also something called the 2D wash system in which the wash and the rinse cycle uses a shower system for better and cleaner wash.

The drum has been provided with a Crescent moon designed surface, which the company claims to give a gentle water cushion that makes sure no damage occurs to the fabric. There has been a ball valve technology been adapted here in which the additional none dissolved detergent is retained and only the water is let through. As this is included with high quality motor to make sure no voltage fluctuations cause any harm to the machine a voltage monitor and regulator has been added. As the drum rotates there might be uneven presence of the garments within the drum which might cause the rotation to be uneven causing harm to the motor. The machine smartly detects this and the garments are auto balanced making the wash consistent. With children being around in the house, it is important to have a child lock in the machine, and for sure enough there is one installed on this machine.

  • Tub self-clean
  • 4 year warranty on the machine and he motor
  • Water and energy efficient
  • Water softener available

4. LG 7kg Fully Automatic front load washing machine

LG 7kg Fully Automatic front load washing machine

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LG has gone a step ahead and added in additional features when compared to its competitors. LG is a leading one in India in the home appliances. The washing machine at LG also has improved a lot with additional features in. We will see as we go below.

This washing machine has 6 motion control technology in which the drum rotates with various kinds of motion which gives a better wash. I do not remember any other brand giving this feature. The noise is the LG washing machine of this model is almost nil, the reason for that is very simple. There is not belt and pulley attached to the drum. It is directly the motor to the drum and hence the noise levels are very low.

To make the wash better and efficient, there is heater provided which will add in hot water to the machine and you know hot water always is an advantage when washing clothes to remove the stains. To set everything on the machine there is a control panel which is waterproof and serves the best. As it is touch controls easy for children to get neat and press some random buttons. To avoid this, a child locker feature has been added.

The machine has the capacity of 7kg and sufficient for a small family usage. This model is slim sized when compared to many other. The finishing is also great chrome door and touch panel. It has been provided with 2 year warranty on the product and 10 years of motor warranty.

  • Slim model
  • Smart diagnostics which helps you check the device usage and also its fitness
  • Direct drive with no pulley or belt attached
  • 6 motion technology

5. Whirlpool 7.5 kg Fully Automatic and Top load

Whirlpool 7.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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Whirlpool is best known for their washing machines. This model is a capacity. The machine is designed to work even in the hard water very well. There is a 3d turbo impeller and its 360 degree blooming wash motion gives a very clean wash and also efficient in removing all the stains. There are preset 12 programs that let you do quick wash when required.

The machine has inbuilt heater which heats the water up 60 degree Celsius resulting in killing all germs on the clothes and giving a healthier wash. The lid has been given a soft close feature which increases the life of it. The soak also has a hot catalytic soak which means the clothes are first soaked in concentrated detergent to make sure all the stains are loosened up before the actual wash. The dry or he spin is also designed very well which gives a faster dry clothes.

The product comes with 3 years warranty followed by 10 years on the motor. This model comes in the Graphite color and the look is elegant. The panel on the top houses all he controls and as mentioned has some 12 presets available that makes the washing faster.

  • Hotmatic Technology, Power Dry and Hot Catalytic Soak makes the product unique
  • This model is in elegant looking Graphite color
  • In the Hard Water wash mode, it works well in the hard water
  • In built heater makes the clothes hygiene

6. LG 8kg Inverter Fully Automatic washing machine

LG 8 kg Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing

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LG also have the top load washing machines in fully automatic version. This model is in Silver color and has an attractive charm. This is a 8kg capacity machine that serves large family very easily. When the machine is a beast (as in this case) then the power consumption is big. To overcome this expense LG have come up with Smart inverter technology that makes sure the power consumption is in check and giving you lesser electricity bill even though used for higher usage.

The motor has a long life and the company also provides 10 years of warranty. The machine is coupled with turbo drum which has efficient washing features with less power consumption. The motor is also corrosion resistance which avoids failures in motors.  The motor motion also is designed to create water streams within the machine that helps remove stains better. The door is also designed to avoid loud bang. The rinse has jet spray of water that is used which decreases the power consumption up to 40%. Even this feature helps save water up to 40L. The drum of the wash and rinse area is made of stainless steel which increases the life of the product. There is a restart feature in which the power when back would start where it had left off.

The product itself has 2 years of warranty from the company. It is designed to rotate at the speed of 720 rounds per minute. The tub clean feature cleanses the inner and outer of the machine to maintain hygiene. The feature of the smart diagnostic helps you analyze issues in you watching machine at the tip of your finger.

  • Smart Diagnostic available to maintain the device life and stability
  • Smart Close makes sure there is no loud bang
  • Jet Spray increases the efficiency of washing
  • Stainless steel drum increases the life of the washing machine

7. LG 6.5 Fully Automatic front load Washing Machine

LG 6.5 Fully Automatic front load Washing Machine

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This model of the LG washing machines comes in Blue or White color. This 1000 RPM motor gives a very high quality wash and quick dry like no other machine. This model has a capacity of 6.5kg and is good for small family like 3-4 people. Like the other model available in LG even this model comes with 6 motion control technology in which the drum moves in multiple directions giving the water jet onto the clothes in different ways to remove out the stains. This also has the inverter direct drive in which the drum is directly connect to the motor avoiding additional friction and hence resulting in less noise.

There are other features that make the washing more of a professional task. To keep the cloths hygiene there is steam wash available in which the germs, dust and mite would be killed. The heater makes it possible and it heats the water up to 60 degree Celsius. Hot water wash also removes tough stains from the clothes. The machine is also smart as it connects through the SmartThinQ NFC with which you can download wash programs and also can customize the wash cycles.

Auto-restart feature and also Child lock is available making it safer to be used when children are around. This product comes with 2 year warranty and the motor is of 10 years warranty. You can also diagnose the health of the machine making sure you do not get stuck while washing many clothes.

  • 1000 RMP machine – efficient wash and fast drying capability
  • Heater option to make the washing efficient and hygiene
  • Smart Diagnostic available
  • Child lock feature is available

8. Bosch 6kg Fully Automatic Front load

Bosch 6 kg Fully-Automatic

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This is the 6kg version of the front load washing machine by Bosch which runs at 1000 RPM. At this speed the washing machine provides high quality of wash and also a faster dryer. There is the ActiveWater technology that reduces the water consumption. It also uses the hot water and the right amount of detergent making sure the water is not wasted. This also has been certified by ECARF that this gives a wash that is hygienic and free of germs at a good extent. The machine has been designed to avoid vibration which in turn also reduces noise.

To view the inside of the drum when washing there is inside drum led light. This is a cool feature from LG and makes sure you check if you have out the right clothes inside. Energy consumption is pretty less and the company has also showed the standard consumption based on various clothes being washed. There are LED program indicators that makes sure you know what tasks going on. The clothes are dried in washing machine using the heater inside the machine.

The power consumption is under check on this product due to the regulator included. There are various programs set for the washing machine to wash and dry clothes based on the season. There are Wool finish program in which the machine uses he setting to wash the wool garments.

  • Various programs for various types of washing and drying available
  • Heater provided inside to make sure drying and steam wash is available
  • 2 years product and 10 years motor warranty
  • LED Indicators on the progress

9. Samsung 7kg Inverter Fully Automatic Washing Machine

Samsung 7.0 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

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This model of the Samsung washing machine with 7kg capacity is a durable and powerful product. This is an inverter drive motor that is connected to the washing drum directly and no belt is used. This makes the machine very quiet. Tangles have been a pain in the top load machine for some time now. The wash drum and the design of it avoids the tangle as much as possible. This is also due to multi directional spin and also makes sure the wash is done to the best extent. This has diamond drum that is soft on clothes and increases the cleanliness of the clothes.

The magic dispenser makes sure the detergent is dissolved properly and no residue of the detergent is left out. The touch control panel is on the top side with all the buttons clearly visible. The display is in digital and shows basic information there. The looks of the machine is sleek and looks elegant the way it is designed in silver color. The door also as the feature of soft close making sure you do not bag the door making loud noise. It also has the power regulator making sure the motor is protected in case of voltage fluctuations. It comes with 2 years product warranty and 10 years of motor warranty.

  • Magic detergent dispenser makes sure the detergent residues are not there
  • Diamond shaped drum for better cleaning
  • DIT motor has 12 years of warranty
  • Durable and powerful with 1000 RPM

10. IFB – Front load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

IFB – Front load Fully Automatic Washing Machine

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IFB has released this model of the washing machine which is a front load and is fully automatic.  It has 10 pre build wash programs that make the washing process faster and efficient. There are also temperature settings for these programs where you can use hot water at various temperatures to wash clothes. This is a 6.5 capacity drum and can manage the clothes of a small family easily.

This machine has cradle wash which takes care of different types of fabric used and makes sure they do not get damaged. There is a filter treatment that dissolves the detergent better to give clothes soft wash.  To make it look classy there is an LCD display being installed that gives out the required current state information. Auto balance is the system where the clothes in the drum get rearranged if they are unevenly distributed. This increases the efficiency of the motor and uses less power. The 2D wash feature makes sure the detergent penetrates through the clothes to make sure the stains are removed easily.

As mentioned there are 10 wash programs already available on the LCD screen ready to use. Some of these are heavy wash, daily wash, kids wash, silk mode, cotton wash and so on. The machine adjusts the wash based on these settings. You can also view information like the water temperature on the LCD screen. This model is called the Elena ZX and has inbuilt water heater as previously mentioned.

This has 4 years of warranty on the product. The motor being an important part of the machine it is been provided with 4 years of warranty. Some companies provide up to 10 years of warranty on motor. However, it provides 10 years of spare part support.

  • Fully Automatic and Front load
  • Temperature options available 30, 40, 60 and 95 are the temperature available
  • 4 years motor warranty
  • Auto balance system makes sure the clothes are evenly spread how


Washing machines are important part of our daily lives now. As there are different kinds of them available make sure you choose the best one that best fits your requirement. Front load or top load is one of the first things to look into. Try and go for a heater one so that it sanitizes your clothes making it free of germs, mites and so on. The warranty of the motor also plays an important role in the washing machine. It is good to have longer warranty period for the motor as it is one of the expensive parts. Water efficiency is the next big thing. With water scarcity being seen around, it is good to get the ones with water efficient features including energy efficiency also.

The list given above were the best ones based on the research and comparisons. However, these brands also have other models that also can be explored. They might be less expensive when compared to these above 10.

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