Best Washing Machine Tap of 2022 – Review & Buying Guide

If you have standard taps in your washing area, then you are going to face a problem while you are installing the washing machine. The automatic washing machine has an automated hose that opens and shuts the valve in the machine as per the washing cycle.

Best Washing Machine Tap of 2022

The problem is that the standard tap is very broad, and it never a good fit for a washing machine hose. Trying to install the hose on a standard tap may even damage the valve. If the faucet is not the correct fit, then you will also encounter constant leakage. This problem is faced by a lot of people who are not aware of the fact that the washing machine requires a dedicated tap that has a thin faucet head. 

Well, we understand the challenge, and it is going to be incredibly difficult if you haven’t purchased the washing machine tap ever. The problem is more specific to Indian households who are not aware of the requirements for automatic washing machines.

#1 Kamal Washing Machine Bib Cock Tap

Kamal Washing Machine Bib Cock - Dixy

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Our list starts with a washing machine tap from Kamal. The brand is known for high quality yet affordable faucets, and hence we are sure that you are going to love it. This tap has a stunning ergonomic design. It is made of brass, and the silver polish gives it a mirror shine.

The brass also extends the life of the washing machine tap. The material doesn’t rust, and you will find it shiny like new even after years of use. Cleaning the tap isn’t a big deal as well. You can use cleaning agents like cif to wipe it clean. Opening the tap is also easy. You do not have to rotate it multiple times to open it; instead, it features a quarter-turn opening mechanism. 

The brand offers a three year warranty on this tap so you can get the washer or the socket. The warranty should give you a lot of confidence in the product. In terms of the connection, the tap has an inlet connection size of 15 mm. The weight of the tap is 350 grams, and the heavyweight makes it a lot more durable.

You can combine this with other bathroom fittings from Kamal, and your bathroom will feel very modern. So, if you are looking for a washing machine tap that offers a state of the art design with a high durability factor, then you can consider this option from Kamal. You can visit the product catalog to find out more details about this tap.


  • Kamal offers a three-year warranty on the tap.
  • It is available at an affordable price.
  • The tap is made of high-quality brass with silver on it.
  • Quarter movement makes it easy to open the tap.
  • The material is resistant to corrosion, and hence the tap remains shiny throughout life. 


  • There are no cons associated with this washing machine tap.

#2 Kamal Washing Machine Tap

Kamal Washing Machine Tap - Sleek

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Do you think that the last washing machine tap on our list was slightly bigger? Are you looking for something even more compact? Check out this sleek washing machine tap from Kamal, and we can assure you that you will fall in love with the design of this tap.

The design is very simple, and it has a design like that of a cylinder. This model is also designed with brass, and it has a very high quality polish on it. The polish not only beautifies your tap but it also improves the durability. This washing machine tap from Kamal is also priced at a very affordable price. The design is easy to install, and since the tap is made of brass, it is anti-corrosive.

The finish on the tap feels very premium, and it the shimmering design makes it one of the best looking tap in the market. The water flow is smooth, and hence it would not damage your washing machine or the hose. Apart from this, the faucet has a simple quarter turn mechanism for turning on the water flow.

The inlet connection size is 15 mm, and hence the hose can be connected very quickly. If you have a fully automatic machine, then you can buy this tap, and we assure you that you are going to love it.


  • You get three year warranty with this tap as well.
  • It has a smooth water flow, and it is easy to clean the tap.
  • The design of the tap is very sleek, and it is perfect for the narrow washing areas.
  • The tap doesn’t lose shine even when it is exposed to weather elements.
  • Brass is used to manufacture this washing machine tap.


  • Some users complained about the leakage, but that can be fixed by replacing a washer.

#3 Pray Washing Machine Angle Cock Brass Tap

Pray Washing Machine Angle Cock Chrome Plated Brass Tap For...

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Pray is another brand that offers premium bath fittings. If you are very specific about the quality of the washing machine tap, then you can check out the models available from Pray Store. The brand offers a lot of different designs, but the one that we are going to talk about has angle cock design.

This tap can be used in the washing area, bathroom, and even in the kitchen. The simple yet innovative design allows you to use it at multiple places. The material used in manufacturing the tap is stainless steel and brass. Apart from this, the fixture has a chrome finish that gives it a shiny look. The handle of the tap can be rotated to turn it on. Good thing that we noticed here is that the handle doesn’t get jammed even when it is not used for a long time. 

Presently, this washing machine tap is available with an excellent offer. In the offer, you will be able to get a discount of over 60%. All this is available to you without any compromise on the quality of the tap. Another feature of the tap is that it reduces the water flow while maintaining the pressure.

So, you will never get an error with the low pressure warning on the washing machine.  The disc of the tap is very hard, and it can easily handle a lot of friction. The faucet can also handle water at high temperature, and there will be no damage to it.


  • The tap is made of stainless steel & brass. It also has a chrome finish.
  • The tap reduces the water flow without any compromise with the pressure.
  • It is designed to handle rough usage, and high water temperature as well.
  • The socket of the tap can take a lot of abuse, and it will still not leak.
  • Amazon offers a ten-day free return policy if you buy it from Amazon.


  • Nothing that we could notice.

#4 Drizzle Solo Nozzle Bib Cock Tap

DRIZZLE Metal Bib Cock Tap, Silver, Chrome Finish

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At number 4, we have the most affordable washing machine tap on our list. This tap is from Drizzle, and it has a single nozzle design. The turning mechanism is based on bib cock. Apart from using this tap with the washing machine, you can also use it in the bathroom, kitchen, and even balcony.

The chrome-plated design makes it very presentable, and you will love the design too. This tap also has a quarter-turn feature, and the filter adds air to the flow. The foam flow water is undoubtedly better than the regular stream of the water. This tap is available in a pack of 1, pack of 2, pack of 4, and pack of 8.

You can choose the one according to your needs, and the right part here is that the brand offers a higher discount on bigger packs.

The brand has offered a free wall cap with this tap. In some of the washing machine tap, the wall cap is not provided, and you end up purchasing it additional.

The primary material used in making the tap is stainless steel so it would not rust either. The tap is made in India, so when you are purchasing this tap, you are promoted Made in India scheme, and you are helping the local businesses.


  • It is available in multiple pack options, and the bigger the pack, the higher the discount.
  • The tap has a chrome-plated finish, and it looks incredible.
  • You get a free wall cap with this tap. 
  • The tap is made of stainless steel.
  • It is one of the most affordable options available on our list.


  • Some people didn’t like the quality of this tap.

List of Best Washing Machine Tap

Best Washing Machine Taps

We do not want to scare you, but we wish to help you by telling you more about what is suitable, and what is not. As Indian customers, we all are price-sensitive, and we want the best value for money while we are purchasing anything. We decided to help you in choosing the best washing machine taps.

So, you can go through the best washing machine taps in the section below. You can even go through the buying guide that we have compiled for these washing machine taps. All these things will undoubtedly help you in making a relevant purchase.

Do not worry about compatibility since these taps listed below are going to be fit with all washing machines. So, let us move along, and quickly look at the reviews of the washing machine taps in the section below.

In this section, you can read about the top 4 options available in the washing machine taps. These are highly reliable options which would not leak even after years of usage. These taps also have an exquisite design, and they would look amazing in your luxurious bathroom.

Lastly, these taps are available at an affordable price, and hence they will not burn a hole in your pocket. So, let us move ahead, and check out the review, strengths, and weaknesses of these washing machine taps. 

Buying Guide for Washing Machine Tap

You can even select the washing machine tap yourself if you are not happy with the models that we have listed for you. In this section, you will find some of the points that can help you in making a choice easy. Go through the details below.


You can start looking for the washing machine tap by choosing the material. There are multiple options available, and the most common one is chrome-plated brass. You will also come across stainless steel taps. Most people prefer chrome-plated brass.

These taps are reliable, and they do not lose their shine. Since they are exposed to moisture significantly less, they are durable. Another factor that helps the durability is the fact that you do not turn the hose very frequently. 

Faucet Head

Pay attention to the faucet head as well. You can even check the kind of handle it has. The two standard options include a twist knob and a swivel handle. The swivel handle is prone to corrosion, and hence it may become difficult to use such handle.

The best bet would be to buy a twist knob handle as that will prove to be a lot more durable in the long run. You can also check the size of the faucet head, and ensure that it fits the washing machine hose.


You can check the threading on the outlet, and choose the threading of the washing machine tap accordingly. The threading has been standardized, and you will find ¾ inches feed. Again, it is better to check the outlet settings, and if required, you can use a connector to install the pipe. 


There are multiple configurations available in the washing machine tap. Let us throw some light on the configurations now. You will find the tap that has can be mounted on the wall. These are the most commonly used washing machine tap. You will also come across the taps that come with integrated connectors. These taps can be used with slight modification as they come with a female nozzle. 

You will also come across double outlet taps, and these are especially for you if you have less number of taps in your bathroom. People who do not have a dedicated washing machine tap outlet may prefer double outlet tap to make the maximum use of it. The latest models include the tap with spouts and the self-cutting taps.


The next thing that all of us would love to consider is the price. You will find a standard washing machine tap in less than Rs 500. Many faucets are priced as low as Rs 300, but this is usually the minimum. So, you can consider whatever fits into your budget.


You should also look at the kind of finish the tap has. The common ones have the chrome finish, but you will find fixtures that come in bronze or black finish as well. This consideration depends on the interiors of your bathroom. You can match the style with the taps in your bathroom, and it will look amazing.


You can also look at the warranty policy applicable to the tap. If the tap comes with a warranty, then you would not have to worry about replacing the socket because of the leakage. The warranty policy will take care of such things. Since the socket is the most expensive part of the tap, it makes sense to buy a tap with such warranty policies.

Some brands like Kamal offers a warranty of up to 3 years. You can explore the market, and find the brand that gives you the longest warranty at an affordable price.

Final Verdict

You will usually need a plumber to replace the tap but if you think you can do it yourself then here are the steps. Firstly, shut the water supply, and then remove the old tap or the stopper from the outlet. You need to prepare the tap by putting the sealant or the Teflon tape on the threads of the fixture.

These things will ensure that the tap doesn’t leaks after you open the water supply. Now, screw the tap in the outlet, and connect the washing machine hose to the faucet. You will need a wrench to complete the installation.  

With all these details, you can buy a reliable washing machine taps for your home. You can choose the one from the list that we have shared, or you can buy anyone from the market depending on what you perceive from the buying guide. If you have any questions about the washing machine taps, then you can visit the Amazon Page, and get the details of the specifications.

If you still have any question, then you may feel free to write to us. We are going to help you with the right guidance. We will now conclude the page, and before closing, browse through the different pages on this website to know more about the latest products available in the market. Thank You.

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