Best Washing Machine Cleaner In India 2022

When you use a washing machine for a long time, there is always some buildup such as limescale. This buildup happens due to residual left behind from laundry as well as the chemicals and minerals present in the water you use for washing. That is why there are washing machine cleaners available that you have to put in the detergent tray and turn on the washing machine without any laundry.

These cleaners and descalers remove all the residual buildup, and you should use them occasionally depending on the frequency of the washing machine usage. Here is the list of the best washing machine cleaners in India.

Best Washing Machine Cleaner In India

1) Bosch Siemens Quick

Bosch Siemens Quick Descaler for Appliances - 250 g

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With this best washing machine cleaner, you will be able to get rid of hard water deposits. In doing so, it increases the quality of washing. Furthermore, this is an imported product and can even improve drainage performance. It comes in the form of a descaler and makes sure there will be exceptional performance.

Moreover, this can even eliminate bad odour and will sanitize your washing machine. The versatile design of the descaler also lets you use it for dishwashers. Additionally, it is easy to use and can be great for improving the lifespan of your appliance. The product can also forestall the buildup of calcium.


  • Strong ingredients for removing dirt buildup.
  • Versatile design for cleaning different appliances.
  • Simple design for easy application.


  • There is nothing wrong with the product. 

2) BLUEOXY Washing

BLUEOXY Washing Machine Cleaner & Descaler | Disinfectant | Odor...

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With this best washing machine liquid cleaner, there will be more convenient and efficient cleaning. It can sanitize all the internal products including pipes, internal walls, washtubs, water jets, and pumps. Moreover, you can use it for cleaning washing machines of different brands and have a better advantage.

The amazing descaling performance of this washing machine cleaner also helps to lower the power bills. It works by removing the buildup of detergent and improving the washing machine’s performance. Furthermore, you can even use it for cleaning dishwashers and make the maximum out of it. Additionally, this helps to get rid of dirt, limescale, and bad odor.


  • High-quality ingredients for exceptional performance.
  • Complete cleaning removes bad odor, limescale, and dirt.
  • Sanitization ability for effective performance.


  • The consumption is higher than powder form.


With this washing machine cleaner, you can improve the power of detergent while washing your clothes. It even helps to improve the drainage performance so that there will be better wash quality. Moreover, the product comes in the form of a descaling powder and is from a popular brand.

With this, you can reduce the cost of repairs due to scaling. Additionally, it delivers exceptional performance and you can even use it for appliances like electric kettles, showerheads, coffee makers, and steam iron. Furthermore, it can reduce the corrosive action that helps to reduce power consumption. It also helps to get rid of bad odour.


  • Functional design improves detergent performance.
  • Amazing descaling power for reducing electricity bills.
  • Versatile performance for user advantage.


  • It is specially made for LG washing machines. 

4) TE Washing

TE_Washing Machine Cleaner Descaler Remover liquid With Fragrance...

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The improved versatility of this washing machine cleaner makes it deliver exceptional performance. This can clean, descale, and even deodorize the appliance. Moreover, it can keep your washing machine in optimum condition by prolonging its life. It is clearly one of the best washing machine descalers that you can use for any brand of washing machine.

 Additionally, you can even use it for cleaning other items including showerheads, coffee makers, and dishwashers. It lets you use it for cleaning washing machines of all brands. Furthermore, the multi-use descaler can be perfect to get rid of limescale from your appliances.


  • Multifunctional design for cleaning different appliances.
  • Strong ingredient for performing versatile operations.


  • May have to use it frequently for best outcome.

5) Atomic Washing

Atomic Washing Machine Cleaner Powder/Descaling Powder/Tub...

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To make sure there will be easy cleaning, this one comes in a powder form. You can even use the washing machine cleaner for automatic washing machines. Additionally, it is ideal for tub and drum cleaning due to its powerful formulation. With this, there will be prolonged life of your appliance.

It helps to get rid of different items including grime, bacteria, and microorganisms. Moreover, it can remove all types of hard scales which are settled at the bottom. It can improve the effectiveness of the machine and it can also get rid of bad odour. Furthermore, it comes in a pack of three and makes sure there will be value for money.


  • Versatile design performs multiple tasks.
  • Strong formulation for effective cleaning.
  • Simple design for easy cleaning.


  • Suitable more for front-load washing machines.

6) Whirlpool Scalegon

Whirlpool Scalegon Pack Of 3

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What makes this one deliver amazing performance is that it comes with fragrance. The washing machine cleaner helps to improve the performance of your machine. Furthermore, this is also eco-friendly and can save energy. It is from a popular brand and can remove the accumulation of limescale from the machine.

Moreover, the product is available in a pack of three and helps to improve the quality of washes. This will even reduce the power bills and is easy to use. Additionally, you will only have to use it once a month to get rid of the scales. It is one of the best washing machine tablet cleaners available.


  • Powerful formulation for effective results.
  • Descaling ability for reducing power bills.
  • Amazing fragrance for a wonderful feel.


  • Delivery takes time to arrive.

7) samsung washing

Multi Purpose washing machine descale powder pack of 4 (400grams)

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The washing machine cleaner comes in powder form and it is available in a pack of 4. This can be great for washing machines of different brands. Moreover, it serves ideal for cleaning as well as descaling. The product comes from a popular brand and makes sure there will be value for money.

This suits different appliances and helps to provide perfect cleaning. Furthermore, it is easy to use and makes sure there will be maximum safety. With this, there will be effective cleaning as it has powerful ingredients. Additionally, it can even remove scale deposits on the drum.


  • Powerful ingredients for superior cleaning.
  • Safe ingredients for reliable performance.
  • Maximum versatility for use with machines of different brands.


  • Not so effective for other brands of washing machines. 

Buying Guide

Type: Washing machine cleaners can come in liquid or powder form. Getting the right one is a user preference and you can see if it’s let you have easy application. Additionally, you can see if it is safe to use and comes in a biodegradable design.

Formulation: The formulation is an important factor while buying a washing machine cleaner. You will have to go for the one that delivers exceptional performance and helps to remove limescale deposits. It must have amazing descaling ability so that there will be effective performance. Some can even come with an amazing fragrance for removing odor.

Versatility: The one that comes in a versatile design will let you use it with different types of appliances. It can be great for cleaning dishwashers, coffee makers, and showerheads. In addition to this, you can see if it is perfect for washing machines of all brands. It must improve the washing and drainage performance.

Performance: Performance matters the most when you are cleaning the washing machine. Apart from effective cleaning, you will have to see if it can sanitize your appliance. See if it works by sanitizing all the internal parts like pumps, pipes, and water jets. There are even the ones that help to get rid of bad odour. In doing so, it helps to improve the longevity of your product.


These washing machine cleaners come in different forms such as powder, tablets, and even in liquid form. The buying guide contains all such parameters that you have to keep in mind while purchasing a washing machine cleaner. We have also picked these cleaners based on the brands of the washing machines for proper cleaning.

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