Best Printer Under 3000 for Home use – Top 5 Products With Review

We are reviewing the best printers under 3000 for home use. There are many great printers available under 3000. With this budget, you will get an inkjet printer. These kind of printers are very cheap and offers good print quality. The only downside of using these printers is the higher printing cost. Inkjet printers use Ink cartridge, which is generally very costly. So keep in mind, if you are going to use the printer daily, you may go for ink tank printers only.

Best Printer Under 3000

But, when it comes to finding the best Printer in the tight budget of 3000 rupees then being selective plays an important role. The selection of the best products is a hitherto daunting task that can be alleviated with the use of proper knowledge or looking after the top five reputed products. It means you have to sort out the best from a small list which will be an easier choice. 

Let’s get started by knowing the advantages of having a quality printer and then move on to our top five products of this list. 

Top 5 Printer Under 3000 Rupees in India

As the budget is very low, you have to compromise in many factors, however, we are putting on the products which value the money in various manners. All these five products are selected on the basis of quality working for normal use. Let’s have a look – 

#1 HP Desk Jet 1112 Colour Printer

HP DeskJet 1112 Single Function Inkjet Colour Printer

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People may not believe it but HP Printer has a very affordable range of printers which definitely fits in the budget with great quality. It is a colour printer that allows you to get A4 sized prints without any issue. There are two variants with different price and printing technology but this one cost a lower amount as compared to the other one.

  • It prints 7.5 black and white pages in one minute and 5.5 Colored pages. 
  • Ideal usage of this Printer is 100 pages per month, suitable for home and office. 
  • It supports the page size of A4, B5, A6, DL envelope, and many others.
  • The printer can offer Up to 1200 x 1200 rendered DPI (Black) as the best quality.

After that, the design is another most important factor and you can find that it is remarkably good that’s why you can prefer this product over the purchase of any other product. The built quality seems durable and you can get it for a very lower price point that’s why you should prefer it for sure.

#2 Canon Pixma TS207 Single Function Inkjet Printer 

Canon Pixma TS207 Single Function Inkjet Printer (Black)

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For the great build quality and great after-sale services, Canon Pixma TS207 Single Function Inkjet Printer gets a huge advantage in this list. As this product has a similar price to our top pick, the difference is in a few features and usability. This Printer is designed for the ideal use. The key features which make this product reliable are – 

  • It is an inkjet printer with the printing only function. 
  • Print more than 100 prints per month without any issue. 
  • Built quality is genuine with a hard casing of black color. 
  • Offer the manual print resolution of Print resolution – 4800×1200.

Apart from these factors, all the standard print sizes are supported which eases up the work for users. Students and office employees can find it as the better choice as to if they want to have 100 to 150 prints in a month. The only issue with this product is an expensive ink cartridge. 

#3 HP DeskJet 2331

HP Deskjet 2331 Colour Printer, Scanner and Copier for Home/Small...

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One of the best products in this whole list is the HP DeskJet 2331 Wireless Inkjet Color Printer which is an upper version of TS207. It is slightly expensive from the previous version but all the features are refreshed and you get the astonishing quality which makes it better and reliable to use. The features are – 

  • Single function Inkjet printer with color printing technology. 
  • The printing speed is 7.7 Black and White pages per minute and 4 colours. 
  • The manual colour resolution is 4800×1200 Dpi with improved quality. 
  • Comes with one year of warranty on the Printer from the manufacturer.

During the purchase, you should check out the warranty conditions because if the Printer exceeds the allowed number of prints then it will not get any repairing or after-sale services. Well, you should not worry about issues because it can fulfil the need in the exact same manner.

#4 Canon PIXMA MG2577s All-in-One Inkjet Colour Printer

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The next Printer in our lineup is Canon MG2577s Colour Multifunction Inkjet Printer which is well known for its remarkable printing quality. With the compact and compatible size, it becomes the best of all kinds. There is only a single colour available and to be clear, white colour doesn’t suit in all cases. The key features are – 

  • Better printing quality with higher resolution support. 
  • It is a two-function printer that supports scan and print
  • The maximum print resolution is 4800X600 dpi for all the prints. 
  • Lightweight design with a compact size or form factor for easier use.

These factors can easily grab your attention but the question arrives as that why we are putting this product in the 4th position. Well, it is all about the price because it is near to the budget and another issue with this product is some people don’t need the scanner so they are paying for no reason. 

#5 HP DeskJet 1212 Printer

HP Deskjet 1212 Colour Printer for Home Use, Compact Size,...

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So, the last product on our list is HP DeskJet 1212 Printer which slightly goes above the price point. Well, if you have 3000 rupees to spend then you must go with this product because it has all the basic functions with color printing options which makes it reliable to use. It is an inkjet printer with the below-mentioned features – 

  • Multifunctional Printer with scan and print feature supported. 
  • Designed with hard but premium plastic for great in-hand feel.
  • Compact and handy with lightweight design for easier portability. 
  • It also supports the print resolution of 4800×600 Dpi in a single go.

No doubt that built quality is always the primary factor but you can find many other exclusive features to love this product over the selection of other ones. The only issue is budget but if you want the best two in one printer then you can easily hop on this one for great working.

It offers quality prints in low time as compared to the other choices. 

List of Best Printer Under 3000

Advantages of an Inexpensive Printer at Home

The market is full of inexpensive printers but most of them are not durable which reduces their reliability factor. The below mentioned are some advantages which are easy to attain by preferring a quality manufacturer –

  • The convenience of Use – Having a quality printer at home reduces the cluster and it makes everything super convenient whenever you want to print. 
  • Low Maintenance – As you will be using a home printer on an often basis, it will work fine for years which can make you grab better deals without any issue. 
  • Affordable Choice – It doesn’t matter that you need a printer or not, having an affordable printer at home will be the fine choice because you are spending a very low amount of money. 

These are some of the major advantages which are easy to avail of. Most of the buyers can find that reliability and convenience really matter a lot. 

Some Worth Mentioning Features to keep in Mind While Buying Printers

Within the wide range of availability, it becomes a tedious job to choose the correct one according to your need. The printers with the capacity of scanning are referred to as multifunctional printers. All the features mentioned above are the best all in one printer in India for home use and school use.

From these multiple options, we have carefully sorted some printer with scanner and xerox price list. Owning a printer is a one-time investment for many people, so it must fulfill all your homework and also prove to be the Best printer for home use India 2022. 

  • Always check out the vital difference between the types of printer according to your requirements. The inkjet printer is used for printing bulk text with sharp black printouts. While the other one supports borderless printouts with extended-lasting printing capacity. 
  • Some of these machines, as mentioned earlier, were the best ink tank printer in India 2022. One must decide the need to buy the printer. The selection of brands will change according to your demand for printing black and white or colored documents. 
  • It would be more convenient if you choose a printer with Wi-Fi features. This unique feature will allow the user to print documents even without connecting the wires to your printer.
  • With the best printer with scanner and xerox in India, you must be aware of the speed factor. For getting any emergency printouts, you should always look for high-end printers that can print at high speed. Before purchasing, check on the capacity of the printer.
  • Always check the capacity and strength of the cartridge and toners. Printers with high durability of cartridge and toners are perfect for all high-quality professional works. It is also advised to check the number of page printing ability of the printer when the cartridge is full.
  • The size of the paper always matters when you go to buy a printer. It must accommodate the size that you want to work on. If you wish to accomplish and print on paper of different sizes then, you must choose a printer that supports different page sizes. Also, remember to check the holding capacity of both the input tray and output trays. It must provide a clear sense of keeping enough paper for stock.

  • For any of your school projects, the value of printing high-quality images matters. So, choose a printer that has excellent resolution. The standard resolution for printing must reside to 600 dpi while the remaining 720 dpi for inkjet printers.
  • Your perfect printer must be able to fit in with several devices of your home. So, check for a printer with USB compatibility. It would help if you did not neglect the availability of USB even after getting a Wi-Fi facility. These will serve you when there is no availability of the internet.

Buying Guide for Best Printer Under 3000

During the selection of our top 5 products, we have a clear thought in mind to stay within budget and mention all the great choices for the prices. However, we are using a basic strategy that you can rely on to come up with the right selection – 

  • Decide Budget because it makes you stick to the price range and grab the best deal in that criteria.
  • Focusing on reputed manufacturers and making a list of top products will sort out a huge mess in various manners. 
  • Knowing about features is important. You should start by checking whether it is an inkjet or laser printer.
  • Color and B&W are two major types so you should check whether you want a color or mono printer for your home. 
  • Print resolution is the next factor and DPI is the unit that lets you know how much dots will be in a single inch.
  • The scanning feature is optional but if you are getting it at an affordable price point then you should not skip it. 
  • Built quality is a necessary factor to ensure and you can look after a warranty to be sure about a product.

After considering these factors, getting the right product will be easy. Make sure that you choose a brand that is known for great after-sales services because it reduces lots of clusters and eases up the work for you.

Bottom Line

These are all the necessary factors that you must look after because these can help you get the best deal without wasting a single penny. Make sure that you should check out reviews about the product to know whether it will be a genuine purchase or not. I Hope, this post will let you find the right inkjet printer for under 3000 rupees for a home in India.

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