Best Mini Portable Washing Machine In India 2022

Washing machine remains one of the most liberating things across the world. It makes our work easier and allows us to get free from the hassle of washing clothes. The washing machine has undergone numerous changes and improvements over the years. Mini or portable washing machines are one such modern option.  For students or couples who live on rent, getting a full-fledged washing machine might be a cumbersome task.

Best Mini Basket Washing Machine

These are also a cheaper alternative to the front loading washing machine and top loading washing machine with a high price which is a reason why they are in such a demand these days. With the market filled with plenty of options when it comes to portable washing machines, we here have picked the best of the lot among the market options for you. Read along.

#1 DMR 4.6 kg Inverter Top-Load Mini Washing Machine

DMR 46-1218 Single Tub Portable Mini Washing Machine with Steel...

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DMR is one brand that has always dedicated itself to washing machines. Over time it has launched many portable washing machine models. Even this one comes with many features that will meet all your laundry needs. The machine has a powerful motor so that there will be incredible cleaning performance.

As it has a compact footprint, it does not consume much space. There is also a steel spinner attachment that enables drying 2kgs of clothes at a time. The auto power-off function will switch off automatically. It includes all the components including a spin basket with cover, inlet pipe, and a user manual. The warranty is for 2 years.

  • Offers semi-automatic functionality.
  • Steel spinner attachment.
  • Reliable copper electric motor.
  • Rotates clockwise and counterclockwise.
  • Auto power-off feature.

  • The spinner could be better.

#2 DMR 3kg Fully Automatic Mini Washing Machine

DMR 3kg Fully Automatic Mini Washing Machine - DMR-FA-30-618

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DMR is a brand that has come up with different types of washing machine models. Whether it is portable or for home use, this brand has always been able to meet the needs of customers. The DMR portable 3 kg top load washing machine comes with a dryer basket. It is exceptionally lightweight so that there will be easy to carry.

It let you have an easy operation with the plug and play function. The single tub design prevents any kind of hassle. It features a powerful copper motor of 240 watts for effective cleaning performance. The machine will let you wash clothes for 15 minutes and the spin capacity is 1.5 kg. Being highly compact, it can be great for washing 6 to 7 clothes at a time. There is also a warranty of one year on spare supply.

  • Spin basket of 3 kg.
  • Spin power of 240 watts.
  • Easy spin selector.
  • Plastic dryer basket.

  • The spin is not very effective.

#3 DMR 46-1218 Single Tub Washing Machine

DMR 3 kg Portable Mini Washing Machine with Dryer Basket -With 2...

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The third one on our list is DMR with their portable mini washing machine. DMR has been a trusted name in the Indian market and people are quite affectionate of their performance. It comes with a top-loading feature and has a semi-automatic performance. It has a hard polycarbonate body that stands durable and compact. 

It comes with a clear lid and has a translucent tub via which you can see the status of the cloth washing.  This washing machine comes along as a perfect piece for those seeking a mini washing machine with high-quality performance. It has 1 year of warranty on the product. 

  • Features high-quality durable body
  • Has timer control settings
  • Has a powerful motor
  • Pretty lightweight
  • Comes with a clear lid and translucent body 

  • Wash speed can be slow at times

#4 Indias|| Hyandy Washing Machine

INDIAS® Original Handy Washing Machine, ISI Copper Coil Motor,...

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For those who are looking for high quality and top-notch performing mini washing machine, this one seems a perfect option. This mini portable washing machine is from Nano and has a round body structure which seems pretty elegant. It comes with plenty of features that you will love. 

It has a clear body that allows you to see the status of the cloth wash and see if any intervention is required. It is pretty small and compact and can wash the clothes with perfect ease. It is also portable and can be a perfect piece of home appliances for your cosy little room or flat. It comes with 1 year of warranty. 

  • The elegant and clear body design
  • Compact and small size
  • Lightweight body with thermostat for low power and energy efficiency 

  • Only 1 year of warranty

#5 Onida 6.5 kg Washer Only

Onida 6.5 kg Washer Only (WS65WLPT1LR Liliput, Lava Red)

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Rounding up our list at the fifth number is the one from SSGC with their efficient washing machine. This one is a mini washing machine that is portable and can be used along for cleaning small batches of clothes. It is perfect for a small family and a bachelor. This washing machine is a single tub one and comes with a steel dryer basket. 

It has two ergonomic knobs and has a wash cycle and program selector option. It also has a water inlet opening on the top where you can use the pipe to pour in the water into the machine and let the wash cycle begin. It comes with the machine, inlet pipe and drains pipe out of the box. 

  • Elegant design
  • Large capacity as compared to other machines
  • Energy-efficient function 
  • Ergonomic knobs 

  • Lack of warranty options

Buying Guide For Mini Portable Washing Machine

There are various factors that come into play when you go for a mini portable washing machine. You need to have a clear idea of these factors so that you can get yourself the best of the lot. With so many options around in the market, we advise you on going for this buying guide so as to find the best ones around. 


Size is one of the first things first when it comes to a portable washing machine. The reason why people go for the mini portable washing machine is because of their size and portability option. See the dimension and the size of the portable washing machine so that you can find the one that fits your room or apartment for proper space management. 


Another major thing to look for when buying a portable washing machine is the capacity of it. If you are a bachelor or have a small family of just a couple, then a small-sized portable washing machine can do the job for you. Otherwise, you may need a bit large-sized portable washing machine for yourself. 

Type of Portable Washing Machine

There is quite a different type of portable washing machine available in the market in form of top-loading and front-loading ones. Generally, the top-loading options are priced at the lowest range of spectrum while the front-loading ones can be a bit pricy for the liking. 

Performance Type

The washing machine comes with a feature of washing and drying and the same is the case for portable ones. Generally, these can be done in a double tub or single tub with a lint dryer box coming along. Most of the models come with a single tub while the pricy ones come with a double tub. 

Water Supply 

A portable washing machine doesn’t need a permanently fixed water supply like the large ones that are available in the market. Still, these portable washing machines come with water inlet options and inlet pipes via which you can supply the water to the machine for washing.

Wash Settings

These days modern based portable washing machines can perform as clockwise and anti-clockwise both ways for better cleaning. This way the clothes can be cleaned off easily and can get completely clean. Although the portable washing machines are not as powerful as the conventional large washing machines they can still perform to the core and allow you to have completely washed cloth. 


As we all know mini portable washing machines are made so that they can be moved along with the required usage. You should look into the degree of portability so that you can know whether the machine can be moved along to a new place or from one room to another. After all, it is because of portability that people buy a portable small washing machine. 

Noise Levels

Washing machines tend to have a noise factor for them. Although there are various washing machines that come with low levels of noise. These days mini washing machines also come with low noise performance so that they don’t create a disturbance while using. Look for the one with low levels of noise. 

Price and Warranty

Last but not least, you also need to look at the price of the portable washing machine. There are various washing machines available at different price spectrums so you need to find the one befitting your budget. Also, look for the warranty factor as your small washing machine also needs to be backed by a warranty from the manufacturer.

You don’t want to invest your money into the washing machine and then get it broken down and lose your money. 

Final Verdict

There are plenty of best washing machines available in the market available at different price levels. These are perfect for small families like couples and bachelor’s as they can help you to clean the clothes with ease. We looked out for the best portable washing machines around and listed the top five for you. We hope you can find the best one fitting your needs from this list. 

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