Top 5 Best LPG Gas Cylinder Regulators in India 2022

Almost every household in India will have a gas stove that is connected to an LPG cylinder. As most of you connecting a gas stove to the LPG cylinder are not something simple, connecting the gas stove to an LPG cylinder requires the utmost attention. The utmost attention here refers to the high-quality regulator or the best regulator available on the market today.

Best LPG Gas Cylinder Regulators

Getting yourselves the best LPG gas regulator is one of the most important things that a customer needs to do after he/she gets an LPG gas stove. If you end up purchasing an LPG gas regulator that is of poor quality, then you will be putting yourselves at risk. Remember that a gas leak from a bad regulator can lead to deadly accidents.

This is why you need to get the best LPG gas regulator and here is the list of five best LPG gas regulators available on the market today.

1. Handu Original LPG Gas Stove Adaptor

Handu Safe Kitchen Lpg Hose Pipe 5 Year Warranty ISI Mark 3 Layer...

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Suitable for different types of gas cylinders, Handu gas adaptor is perfect for regulating gas flow. The leak-proof cast aluminum construction is highly reliable. It comes in a pre-oiled design for better performance. The ISI mark certification makes it a further reliable product. 

The LPG gas stove adapter is a perfect combination of performance and quality. You can use it for a long time with heavy duty construction. With this, there will be no leakages. It also stays unaffected due to weather conditions. It will make your cooking easier with better stability.

  • Pre-oiled construction for smooth operation
  • Cast-aluminum body for long-lasting use
  • Strong body for all-weather performance
  • No leakage design for optimal safety
  • Installation is slightly tricky

Product details

Country of Origin : India

Item Weight : 488 g

2. Skygold LPG Gas Regulator

Gas Regulator Red Regulator for Bharat/INDANE/HP Cylinder...

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Are you looking for the best LPG gas regulator available on the Indian market today? If you are, then the Metro safe LPG gas regulator adapter is the best you can find today.

This LPG gas regulator comes ISI marked and therefore, it offers maximum safety. The manufacturer claims that this LPG gas regulator is best suitable for Govt gas cylinders.

Unlike most of the LPG gas regulators available on the market today, the manufacturer offers the regulator with burner cleaning powder that will help the user clean the burner with ease and with the highest efficiency. This LPG gas regulator comes with an efficient on/off switch that allows the user to turn on and switch off the gas flow with ease.

  • ISI marked product
  • Comes in a wide range of colors
  • Comes with burner cleaner powder
  • Best suitable with Govt home gas cylinders

  • The on/off knob on the regulator is made of plastic, which could break easily if handled without care.

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3. RJ kitchenware Gas Regulator

RJ kitchenware Store Gas Regulator Gas Pipe SURAKSHA Brand...

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Are you a Bharat/Indane/HP gas user? Then you should know that not all LPG gas regulators suit these LPG gas cylinders.

This is where RJ kitchenware LPG gas regulator comes into role. This LPG gas regulator is designed to suit and work with gas cylinders from Bharat, Indane, and HP gas. The RJ kitchenware LPG gas regulator is made of high-quality aluminum that lasts long without deforming or rusting.

The product is ISI certified and certified to be the best. One of the most important features that come incorporated into this product is the lock that comes incorporated into this product, a locking system that keeps the regulator locked onto the cylinder valve. This locking system ensures the gas does not leak under any circumstances.

  • ISI certified regulator
  • The regulator made of high-quality aluminum
  • Suitable with gas cylinders from HP gas, Indane, and Bharat
  • Locking system for safety
  • High quality on/off knob

  • Some people find the locking system hard to handle

4. Sky Origin LPG Gas Stove Adaptor

Sky Origin LPG Gas Stove Adaptor with 1.5 M Hose Pipe Safe...

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The lightweight design of Sky Origin gas stove adaptor makes it perfect for easy handling. It has an ISI mark that makes it safe to use. The convenient design is also easy to use. With high-quality construction, you can use it for a long time. The product also comes with maximum compatibility. 

With this, you will be getting a hose pipe of 1.5 metres. It also has two clamps so that there will be optimal safety. It is a genuine product for every kitchen and prevents leakages. The best thing about the product is that it has a warranty of 1 year.

  • High-quality material enhances longevity
  • ISI marking for safe application
  • Complete set prevents buying other items
  • Leakage-free design for reliable performance

  • Installation is slightly tough

5. Thermo LPG Cylinder Regulator

Thermo LPG Cylinder Burner Specially for Heating Torches (Gas...

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Compared to other products, Thermo gas regulator lets you use it for LPG heating torch guns. The high-quality aluminum construction makes it very durable. It has high compatibility and offers high pressure while using it. It is perfect for regulating the gas pressure that offers maximum safety.

It is also easy to use and is very lightweight. You don’t have to worry about getting a gas canister and it does an excellent job. There is also a lever that helps to provide smooth operation. It lets you use it according to your requirement and you can use it for different purposes.

  • Aluminum construction for long-lasting use
  • Pressure regulation for gas wastage
  • Simple design enables easy operation
  • Ergonomic knob for easy rotation

  • The level could have been smoother

List of Best LPG Gas Cylinder Regulators

Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What is an LPG gas regulator? 

LPG gas regulators are mainly used for reducing the temperature-dependent gas bottle pressure around 400-1200 kPa down to 2.75 kPa and maintain the same pressure consistently. 

2) How frequently should we change the gas regulators? 

A piece of good advice would be to change the gas regulators in every ten years. You will be able to notice some visual signs of wearing off the regulator. However, the regulators always come with a date of manufacture stamp on its body. And try not to drop the regulator onto the floor as they have a susceptible inner mechanism that might get disrupted.  

3) What are the primary sources for gas leakage?  

Gas leakage can happen due to many different reasons. It can occur from the inside valve of the cylinder, the regulator, from the pipe, stove’s flame control dials, and even from the burner nozzles.  

4) What are the causes of the blast in gas cylinders?  

Leakage is the biggest reason for cylinder blasts. A small amount of leakage will not do that much harm. But if there is still leakage for a long time, with all the windows and doors blocked, any single movement like switching on the electric light can lead to an explosion and a cylinder blast. 

5) How to remove the gas regulator from the gas bottle? 

Follow a few simple steps 

  • First, turn off the gas valve handwheel 
  • Then remove the gas regulator from the gas bottle valve by turning the regulator hand wheel clockwise.  

Be very careful while performing these steps. There can be a tiny amount of gas inside the regulator, which will be released in the air as soon as you take off from the cylinder.  

6) What is the proper way for the installation of a gas safety device?  

As these tasks should involve very high safety measures for you and your family members, it is always advisable that you should check with the manual guide before doing anything. However, the process is very easy. Most of the gas safety devices can be installed the same as the gas regulators. A large number of safety devices come with a large dial to show the gas level and have a pressure control knob.  

7) Which is the best gas safety device?  

We would recommend the IGT gas safety device as the best in the market. It is a bit expensive option but for good reasons. It has all the advanced features like the lock system and the dual seal system. Moreover, products from this company come with a five years long replacement warranty. 

8) What are the LPG gas cylinder regulator types? 

Some of the different types of regulators are –  

  • Clip-on patio gas propane regulators 
  • Screw fit propane regulators  
  • Clip-on butane regulators 
  • High-pressure regulators 
  • Camping gas regulators 

9) Which is the best gas regulator brand in India? 

There are many brands that manufacture LPG gas regulators. To name some of them would be Generic, Xpress, etc. 

10) How to understand the low gas indication?  

The safety devices come with a gauge pin that detects the pressure of the gas. When the presser becomes low, the needle falls to the red section indicating a low gas level. 


Purchasing the best LPG gas regulator is not that easy as the number of models available on the market high. Select any one of the models listed above and you will not regret it.

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