6 Best LPG Gas Cylinder Pipes in India 2022

In today’s day and era, a gas cylinder is something that is found in each and every household. This, in turn, makes a cylindrical pipe an indispensable part of every household. Without the gas cylindrical pipe, it will become difficult for you to run the household. Hence, you have to be really careful when you are making a choice for your gas cylindrical pipe. We have handpicked some of the best LPG Gas cylinder pipes for you.

Best LPG Gas Cylinder Pipes

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Because of the wide variety of uses that a gas cylindrical pipe has to offer, it is of primary importance that you select a good quality gas cylindrical pipe. Anything that does not come with good and certified quality, is really risky for your household and life. If the gas cylindrical pipe is not as per the desired quality, there are concerns that the gas leak might happen and your life be in danger.

Hence, you should do proper research and observe the utmost prudence when you are going to buy a gas cylindrical pipe. The following is the list of top six best quality LPG gas cylindrical pipes that are available in India today.

1) Pigeon Steel Wire Reinforced LPG Hose

Pigeon Steel Wire Reinforced LPG Hose,Orange

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If you are someone who is looking for one of the best LPG cylindrical pipes that are available in the market today, then the LPG hose by Pigeon can easily be your best bet.

The product helps you get a really strong grip and is also made in such a manner that it is resistant to flames. In order to ascertain the quality of the product, the manufacturer has got the LPG pipe certified by the ISI and the ISO 9001.

In fact, the pipe also boasts of being highly durable and long-lasting. The weaved pattern with which the cylindrical pipe is made ensures that the pipe is extra tough and resistant. Hence, it offers great value for the money spent.

  • ISI certified product
  • Is able to tolerate high heat
  • Is long-lasting
  • The design is made leak proof. Hence it offers adequate safety
  • The pattern is such that the cylindrical pipe is really tough

  • Some of the wires that go into the making make the pipe too difficult to cut when there is a need to do so.

2) Gasman Metal LPG Suraksha Pipe Flexible Hose

Gasman (boss make) Metal LPG Suraksha Pipe Flexible Hose, 1-inch...

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Another cylindrical pipe that makes it to our list of top 6 cylindrical pipes in the Indian market today is the one from the Suraksha brand.

The manufacturer is quite confident with the material that goes into the making of the hose and that is the reason the product has a 5-year warranty to go. The pipe is made of rubber and that is the reason the pipe is really strong. It has 25 Bar working pressure and the body of the pipe is made with gunmetal. It is a product that can be relied upon easily

  • Good quality product
  • High heat tolerant
  • Is long-lasting and durable
  • The pipe has three layers, which makes the product super tough and heat resistant
  • Great value for money

  • A few viewers find that there are better products that are available in the market at similar cost

3) Handu ISI & ISO LPG 3-Layer Gas Pipe

Handu ISI & ISO Indian LPG 3 Layer Wire Super Flexible Gas Pipe...

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The perfect blend of durability and performance makes Handu pipe great for every home. It does not get affected by the weather due to the steel wire reinforcing. It is also resistant to abrasion and ozone. With the bright orange colour, it offers better visibility. You can use it for a long time as it is very durable. It comes in a leak-proof design so that there will be optimal safety. 

The product is also easy to use and offers a strong grip. It is highly flexible as can rotate at multiple angles. The gas hose is available in a weave pattern that protects from wear and tear. Additionally, it has a warranty of 5 years.

  • Bright orange colour for maximum visibility.
  • Steel wire reinforcing enhances durability.
  • Abrasion-resistant construction for all-weather performance.
  • Leak-proof design for optimal safety.

  • Not suitable for all stoves from different companies.

4) Padmashree LPG Rubber Hose Pipe

Padmashree Lpg Rubber Hose Pipe- - 1.5 Meter Lpg Gas Pipe For...

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The perfect length of 1.5 metres makes Padmashree pipe ideal for any kitchen. It comes with steel wire reinforcing that improves durability. It lets you use it safely as it is leak-proof, crack-proof, and fireproof. Not just that it is even bite-proof for rats. In addition to this, it has CE and ISI certifications. 

The high-quality rubber material makes it very durable. It comes in a bright orange colour for better visibility. The hosepipe can rotate freely to offer maximum flexibility. Using this will offer better safety in the kitchen. The product has a warranty of 5 years.

  • ISI certification ensures better safety.
  • Rubber construction for enhancing longevity.
  • Free rotation design for better flexibility.
  • Crack-proof construction for preventing leakages.

  • Check for the expiry date as some reported receiving old pipes.

5) US24 Suraksha LPG Hose Pipe

US24 ISI Marked Suraksha LPG Hose Pipe 2m long Steel wire...

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To offer easy movement, US24 Suraksha LPG pipe comes in a length of 2 metres. It lets you use it safely without the fear of rodents as it has steel reinforcement. The product provides a strong grip when you use it. There is also an outer coating that is in a fireproof design. It comes with LERC approval and is highly durable. 

The genuine product also lets you use it for an LPG geyser. You can use it safely as it is resistant to leakages. It has a smooth outer surface so that there will be a clean look. Additionally, it comes with a replacement warranty of 5 years.

  • Leak-resistant design for reliable performance
  • Durable rubber construction of a strong grip
  • Smooth outer surface for a clean look
  • Fireproof design for maximum safety

  • None

6) Suraksha LPG Hose Gas Pipe

Suraksha LPG Hose Gas Pipe 1.5 Meter - ISI Certified - 100% Flame...

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The 100% reinforced steel construction makes Suraksha pipe a highly reliable product. It is also 100% flame-resistant so that there will be safe use. With attractive orange colour, it offers better visibility. It lets you use it in any kind of weather condition as it comes in an abrasion-proof design. 

The product has three-layer protection with a hard tube on the inside and rubber on the outer level. The ISI certification makes it great for any home. It comes in a leak-proof design and is very durable.

Even with all the great features, it has a warranty of 5 years.

  • Three-layer protection for long-lasting durability
  • Abrasion-proof design for better performance
  • 100% flame-resistant construction for safe use
  • Extended length for better flexibility

  • Durability is questionable

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is LPG? 

LPG is an acronym that means Liquefied Petroleum Gas. It is used for cooking as a fuel. This flammable gas is a blend of hydrocarbon gases. This gas is also used in some vehicles. It contains gases like propane and butane in a particular ratio. 

2) How to know when my LPG cylinders require a refill? 

It is recommendable to check the cylinder periodically. The weight of the cylinder will start reducing after using it for a while. After it gets empty, the gas flow will automatically stop. It is always a better option to have a double cylinder connection so that you can immediately replace the old one to ward off running out of gas. But never touch or try to do any tricks with the cylinders. 

3) Will the distributor give any meter reading with LPG? 

No, the LPG cylinders do not come with any meter. You will have to pay the cost of every cylinder bottle of gas on each refill and the delivery charge.  

4) How to know if my gas leaks? 

LPG gas is a mixture of propane, butane, and other hydrocarbon gases. It has a very strong smell like rotten eggs or like some dead animal. If you smell any such smell in your kitchen, it is definitely due to gas leakage. In such cases, always call for some professional help from your gas distributor.  

5) Is the LPG gas safe to use? 

Yes, it is absolutely safe as long as you follow all the usage instructions properly. Always use proper gas appliances to ensure the most safety. Apart from that, there are a few more rules and safety measures you need to follow for the best safety. 

Proper Before and After Usage Rules 

  • Always keep your cylinder in a standing position on a flat surface. 
  • Place the gas stove on your kitchen slab above the cylinder properly fitted with a high-quality gas pipe from the best LPG gas pipe manufacturers in India. 
  • Always keep the cylinder in a well-aired place, away from any heat or light source. 
  • Always turn off the knob on the regulator after each use.  
  • Do not compromise the quality of any LPG gas-related appliances like burners, safety valves, gas pipes, etc. Always read the LPG hose pipe specification before purchasing. 
  • And get all the gas-related appliances checked every six months.  

Do’s and Don’ts in Case of a Leakage 

  • Firstly, don’t get panicked. 
  • Extinguish all the flames or incense at your home. 
  • Do not try to switch on or off any electric appliance when you can smell the leakage. 
  • Open all the doors and windows of your house for the highest ventilation. 
  • Turn off the regulator on the cylinder and put the safety cap on the cylinder immediately. 
  • Call your gas distributor for professional help as soon as possible. 


Thus, as is clear from the above article, there are many brands of cylindrical pipes that are available in the Indian market today.

The above is not an exhaustive list and there are many other products that are available too. However, we do recommend that you also do your own research while purchasing a cylindrical pipe.

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