7 Best Kitchen Hobs in India 2022 (Hob Top Gas Stoves)

Kitchens, especially in India have a lot of importance and have been treated specially by almost every homeowner. An ideal kitchen should be spacious, practical and well designed in order to get the maximum benefits and practicality. One of the most important things in the kitchen is where you cook the food for your family.

Best Kitchen Hobs

Typically, there are two popular ways to cook food in India. One is the traditional gas stoves and the other popular one that is gaining more interest of the public in the past few years is the Kitchen hobs that are relatively compact, easy to use and maintain and provide better value for money and adds a touch of modern feeling when you enter the kitchen.

1. Elica Hob 4 Burner

Elica Hob 4 Burner Italian Auto Ignition Glass Top - 2 Big Lotus...

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Elica has been a renowned brand when it comes to the kitchen appliance industry, especially the cooktops.

Talking about the gas hobs, the Elica 4-burner cooktop hob is a perfect buy in every aspect. In addition to the brilliantly spaced brass burners, reliable knobs, and cleverly thought of dimensions, this is a perfect addition to your kitchen and will provide it a perfectly modern look.

Along with the design and looks, there are several other things that make the Elica gas hob a perfect buy under 15K price range. With a great set of features like the auto ignition, tough pan support, and amazingly designed burners, this product completely worth every penny.

If you were looking to buy a reliable and easy to maintain gas hob for your kitchen, you must consider this amazingly designed kitchen hob for yourself. Believe us, you are going to love the performance of the hob.

Apart from the usability, looks, and brand reliability, there are a few more things that you must know as a buyer about the Elica Gas hob. So, go through the following list of points to know about these points.

  • Extremely easy to use and maintain
  • Reliable brand value
  • Great performance
  • High-quality brass burners for better efficiency

  • Larger and heavier vessels may not be handled easily by the hob

2. Glen 3 Burner Gas Stove

Glen 3 Burner Built in Glass Gas Hob with Double Ring Forged...

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Glen Gas Stove has thick toughened glass that offers both durability and style. The attractive design will enhance the look of a modern kitchen. It comes with a stainless steel drip tray that can collect food spillage. The heat-resistant knobs provide a firm grip and allow having hassle-free use.

 It features four brass burners that have double ring flame. The three-burner design comes with accurate spacing for accommodating large utensils. It also has an auto-ignition system for total safety. 

The strong vitreous enameled pan support can offer maximum load-bearing capacity. It provides perfect flame control with the high-precision gas valve. You can convert the gas stove from LPG to PNG easily with its paid service.

  • Unique super slim structure
  • Thick toughened glass top 
  • Resistant to scratches and stains
  • Auto ignition and heat-resistant knobs

  • None to point out

3. Greenchef Kelvin HOB Glass Top Gas Stove

Greenchef Kelvin HOB Auto Ignition Glass top Gas Stove (3 Burner)

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Greenchef Kelvin HOB Gas Stove comes in a lightweight design yet can last for a long time. Equipped with 7mm inner strength, this reduces the weight drastically. It features post breakage safety that can accommodate maximum loads. 

It can enhance delamination resistance with superior edge stability. The auto-ignition system prevents the using matchsticks. It lets you have a perfect cooking experience with sturdy pan support and a jumbo burner. 

You can have maximum safety with the heat-resistant knob. It also comes in a rust-proof design and has strong heat resistance. The non-stickable design will provide perfect gripping that helps to improve stability.

  • Smooth operation of knobs
  • Grid for large utensils
  • Strong grip on the legs
  • Easy to clean the top

  • There could be service issues.

4. Glen 3 Burner Gas Stove

Glen 3 Burner Built in Glass Gas Hob with Double Ring Forged...

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Glen 3 Burner Gas Stove is a combination of style and performance. The 8mm thick toughened glass can resist stains and scratches for easy cleaning. Above all, it can enhance the beauty of your modern kitchen. It features a built-in hop that has three double-ring forged glass burners of different sizes. 

There is also an integrated auto ignition that prevents looking for a matchstick or lighter.The vitreous enamel pan support can easily accommodate large utensils. It also features a fixed drip today that can collect food spillage. 

The heat-resistant knobs provide a firm grip for a hassle-free cooking experience. It can offer high precision performance without any sim off. It is one of the slimmest stoves you will come across and therefore, it is perfect for modern kitchens. 

  • Ultra-slim structure
  • Thick toughened glass
  • Supports larger utensils
  • Proper drip tray for slipping

  • May not be suitable for very small utensils

5. Faber Hob 3 Brass Burner Gas Stove

Faber Hob/Hobtop 3 Brass Burner Auto Electric Ignition Glass Top...

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The premium metal knobs will provide a unique feeling while cooking. It features golden insets that give it an attractive look. It has a thick toughened glass top that can be great for easy cleaning. It also comes with cast iron pan support that improves stability while keeping large utensils.

The built auto electric DC ignition helps to offer maximum convenience. It also comes with high-performance burners that help in optimal fuel distribution. It can provide consistent flames and the perfect size surfacing can protect the burners from oil splashes.

The overall construction of the product makes it very durable. The burners are uniquely placed for using them together. The knobs are on top side for easy control and they are heat-resistant. 

  • High efficiency and heavy-duty 
  • Ergonomically placed burners
  • Metal knobs for durability
  • Durable pan support

  • Nothing to report

6. iBELL AERO HOB 3 Burner Glass Top

iBELL AERO3BGH Glass Top / Gas Hob with 3 Burner and Auto...

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For the buyers who are looking to buy an affordable and easy to maintain gas hob top that looks classy and has all the features that are essential for the Indian home cooking, the iBELL 3 burner gas hob top will be a perfect product to go with. The iBELL 3 brass burner gas hob has a great design, efficient performance and is a perfect buy for the Indian homes that make it perfect for every buyer looking for a hob top.

Along with the great design, there are a few intelligent tweaks made by the brand to make it a worthy buy for the users. Some of these tweaks include the high-end toughened glass top, high-quality brass burners, and a perfect auto-ignition feature that works pretty well every time.

So, if you were looking forward to buying a great hob that not only is decently priced but also has a great set of features to go with, the iBELL 3 brass burner hob top will be an ideal deal for you. Instead of being from a relatively newer brand, the hob top performs extremely well as per the pricing and is a perfect addition to every modern kitchen due to its amazing looks and compact yet brilliantly laid out dimensions.

The uniquely designed pan support work efficiently for the Indian utensils and you can easily place the heaviest utensils in your kitchen to cook food perfectly without any worries about putting an extra burden on the hob top.

Some of the most important things that you should be aware of before purchasing the iBELL Hobtop are

  • Great build quality
  • Well-spaced burners and efficient fuel utilization
  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • None so far

7. Glen 1074 SQ 4 Burner

Glen 4 Burner Auto Ignition Built-in Glass Hob 1074 SQ HT DB

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For the buyers who are living in a joint family or have heavy cooking needs, the Glen hob top would be an ideal product to go with. Although the hob top has 4-burners, it is still one of the best choices for the smaller kitchens with limited space.

The brilliant design and dual-tone body make sit a great buy for the buyers who looking to buy a perfectly designed modern hob top that works well and looks amazing in the kitchen. With some intelligent tweaks like efficient space management and reliable performance, the Glen GL 174 is one of the best and most reliable 4-burner gas hobs currently available in the market.

So, if you were looking to buy a reliable and feature-rich hob top for your home, the Glen GL 1074 can be the best choice for you.

  • Extremely easy to use
  • Efficient fuel consumption
  • Reliable brand value
  • Thick glass stop for better cleaning and easy maintenance

  • Knob quality could have been better

List of Best Kitchen Hobs

These were the seven best kitchen hobs that you can buy this year. You can completely rely on them in terms of quality and efficiency along with the design.

In other words, if you were looking to buy a reliable kitchen hob for your kitchen, then investing in one of these products will be an ideal choice for you.

In this article, we are going to talk about the various aspects that a buyer should know about kitchen hobs. So, if you are planning to renovate your kitchen with new accessories and have the kitchen hobs in mind, then be with us until the end of this article to know almost everything about the kitchen hobs.

What is the difference between Gas hob and Gas stove? 

The main difference between a traditional gas stove and a gas hob is the design. Gas hobs can be installed directly on the kitchen platform, whereas the gas stoves are standalone devices that can be placed almost everywhere according to the convenience of the homeowner. This makes the kitchen hobs relatively compact, easily manageable, and efficient than the traditional gas stove.

So, if you were looking to buy an ideal cooking medium for your small kitchen and want to use the space effectively, we will suggest you go with the gas hobs that are more stylish and practical than the normal gas stoves available in the market.

Best Buy Kitchen Hobs Online in India

As said, the gas hobs are getting tremendous hype in popularity among the buyers. This hype in popularity and demand has made numerous manufacturers design new and advanced gas hobs for the buyers. And if you have chosen to buy one for your kitchen too, then you can get confused by the number of brands and models of gas hobs available in the market.

To help you a bit in this case, we are listing seven of the best kitchen gas hobs available in the market. Just go through them one by one and then decide which of these products is an ideal deal for you.

Make sure to keep the available space in mind while purchasing the gas hob, and you are ready to choose the best one for your kitchen.

Tips and Precautions for Using Kitchen Hobs

In India, most kitchens still use portable gas stoves. Most families even use piped natural gas connections for cooking food. However, in recent years, gas hobs have become very popular with increasing demand for modular kitchens and also because these gas hobs provide a sleek look.

Before purchasing these gas hobs, there are some tips and precautions which you must follow.

1) Size of Hobs

The bio must first check properly the space that is available for setting up a kitchen hob. These cooking hobs are available in different sizes ranging from 60 to 90cm width. Do comprehensive research on the best hob in India 2022 before buying any product.

2) Design and Finish

These days cooking hobs are available in different colors and styles, and one must properly select between stainless steel, glass, or mild finish. Glass material can withstand peak temperature also. Brands like prestige, Glen, Hardware are among the best hob top gas stove in India 2022.

3) Automatic Ignition

One should always go for automatic ignition instead of the former models, instructing you to press the ignition button to light up.

4) Hobs with Timers

It is recommended to buy those hobs which have timers on them, which allows you to check the progress of your cooking and make you alert when your food is ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How to clean a hob?

A) You can clean your hob once a week using a clean cloth. Just simple wiping over the surface will do the job.

Q) Which is the best cooking hob?

A) Yes while buying a new cooking hob, the most crucial thing is the brand. Through recent research and study, the best hob in India 2022 is provided by top brands like AEG, Bosch, Prestige.

Q) How do I use a hob?

A) Using a home is very simple. All you need to do is select the best temperature that is 1-4 or 1-5, etcetera, which is ideal for food. Now place the pan with food on the surface. The intensity of the flame will be put on according to the temperature that has been set up.

Q) Is the hob battery-operated or manual?

A) No, the product is not battery operated, and it can be operated manually.

Q) Should I buy an ISI certified hob?

A) It is advised to buy an ISO certified hob. You can ask the manufacturer about the ISI stamp.

Q) What are the materials used for making a burner?

A) The materials used here for making the burners are aluminum alloy and pressure die-cast for better life expectancy.

Q) If there is a power failure, can it be lit with a lighter?

A) Yes, during a power failure, a lighter can be used to light up the hob.

Q) Which are the best four burner hobs in India 2022?

A) The best four-burner hob in India 2022 is Glen hob top, Sunflame CT.

Q) Where is the gas inlet located. Right or left?

A) The gas inlet is located near the rear of the burners.

Q) Are the steel-plated used separable?

A) Yes, the steel plates used are detachable, and it is cheaper and decent.

Q) What is the warranty available on this product?

A) For warranty, conditions, and other details, please contact the manufacturer of the product.

Buying Guide for choosing the best kitchen hob for your home

In case you are still confused about choosing the best one out of these products, here is a brief buyer’s guide that will help you buy the best and most suitable kitchen hob for your home kitchen. Go through these points and make sure to keep them in mind while purchasing a new kitchen hob for yourself.

Ignition type

The first thing that you need to consider while purchasing the gas hob is the ignition type of the hob. Make sure that the product you are buying has the auto-ignition feature that makes it a safe and much easier to use. Although most of the gas hobs have this feature, we will still suggest you check for it while purchasing one for your kitchen.

Safety features

As the gas hobs are installed at the same level as the kitchen platforms, it is essential to look for the hob which has a good set of safety features like the child lock and others. By referring to these important features, you can be assured that the product you have chosen for your home is safe to use and can e easily used by the other family members too.

Pan support

The pan support is a very important thing that you should keep in mind purchasing the gas hob. Most of the gas hobs have smaller pan support than usual and this makes it an essential thing to look for while purchasing an ideal gas hob for your home.

Make sure the gas hob you are planning to buy can easily handle the pans you already have. By doing this, you can be assured of getting a perfect product with the best value for money.

Brand value

Make sure to choose a reliable product from a good brand that is known for high-quality products for the buyers. Along with the good build quality, you can also be assured of getting a great list of features while choosing a renowned brand. Also, the product from a good brand has a better warranty and after-sales services as compared to lesser-known brands available in the market.

So, instead of falling for the cheaper price tag, try finding the best-in-class gas hob from a good brand for the best value for money.

By keeping these points in mind, you can be assured of getting the best and the most reliable kitchen hob that is perfect for your kitchen and cooking needs. So, whenever you are looking forward to buying a new kitchen hob for your kitchen, we will suggest you to choose a product according to these points to get the best possible product for yourself.


In all, if you were planning to rebuild your kitchen from the scratch, or have recently shifted to a new home, relying on the kitchen hobs instead of the traditional gas stoves will be a better choice for you. Try your hands on the above-listed products or buy your personal favorite kitchen hob by following the above-listed buyer’s guide.

Believe us, the hobs are a perfect choice for better usability and space management, and you are not going to be disappointed by the performance and efficiency of the kitchen hobs.

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