10 Best Kitchen Hob Top Gas Stoves to Buy in India – Review

If you’re looking to get kitchen appliances for your new home or renovating your old kitchen, then the kitchen hob top gas stove should be on the top of your buying list. The hob top gas stove differs vastly when compared to the traditional gas stoves.

These hob tops can be installed directly on the kitchen platforms, whereas the traditional gas stoves can be placed anywhere as it is a standalone appliance. This convenience of hob tops makes it more efficient, and easily manageable than the traditional one.

These kitchen hob tops also make your kitchen modern and sleek while saving valuable space in your kitchen. They are also easy to use and clean. So with these many advantages, the modern hob tops should be top on your buying list.

But the market is saturated with many kitchen hobs from different brands so it may be a bit confusing to choose the right one if you are new to the market. So in this post, we have listed some f the top kitchens hobs to buy without any consideration.

Top Kitchen Hobs to buy in India

1) Prestige 3 Burner Hobtop

Prestige Premia Schott Glass 3 Burner Gas Stove, Manual Ignition,...

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The auto-ignition system will make sure there will be no mess while cooking. It features high-quality Schott glass for long-lasting use. You will also find a powder-coated surface that gives it an eye-catching appearance. It has three burners of different sizes for versatile cooking requirements. With it, there will be a smooth cooking experience with functional knobs. 

It is available in a dual-purpose design as you can use it as a gas stove or hob. You don’t have to worry about any movement due to the stable design. It offers a warranty of 10 years on Schott glass and 2 years on the entire product.


  • Modern, ultra-slim structure
  • Stylish Schott glass top
  • Protective powder coating 
  • Extended warranty period

  • Functional knobs for a smooth cooking experience.
  • Schott glass surface for enhanced longevity.
  • Stable design prevents unwanted movement.

  • The glass is not impact-proof.

2) iBELL Glass Top Gas Hob

iBELL AERO3BGH Glass Top / Gas Hob with 3 Burner and Auto...

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iBELL kitchen hob top gas stove is available in a user-friendly design so that there will be no mess while cooking. Featuring ergonomic knobs with an auto-ignition system, it offers maximum convenience. It has a glass top surface for easy cleaning. You will also find a metal hose connector for reliable performance. The unique pan support system helps to offer better balance. 

It can prevent unwanted movement with the anti-skid rubber feet. It also offers maximum safety and can prevent damage due to extremely high temperatures. The product also offers a warranty of 1 year along with a 4-year warranty for the burners.


  • Complete black design
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Innovative pan support
  • Heat and impact resistant

  • Anti-skid rubber feet for better stability.
  • Pan support system offers better balance.
  • Glass top surface allows easy cleaning.

  • The flame level is not very high.

3) Greenchef Kelvin HOB Glass top Gas Stove

Greenchef Kelvin HOB Auto Ignition Glass top Gas Stove (3 Burner)

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Greenchef stove comes in a three-burner design for versatile cooking requirements. Equipped with high-efficiency jumbo burners, it can be great for Indian kitchens. You can use it safely as it has heat-resistant knobs. The firm grip legs can be perfect to prevent movement. It also lets you have easy cleaning with the toughened glass stop. 

It is available in an attractive design and is non-stickable. The rust-proof housing will enable you to use it for a long time. It offers superior edge stability for maximum safety. The sturdy pan supports helps to prevent wobbling. You will also get a warranty of one year from the date of purchase.


  • Energy-efficient burners
  • Superior pan support
  • Smooth and ergonomic knob
  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Rustproof housing allows use for a long time.
  • Grip legs prevent movement.
  • Heat-resistant knobs for user safety.

  • There could be service issues. 

4) Faber 3 Brass Burner Ignition Glass Top

Faber Hob/Hobtop 3 Brass Burner Auto Electric Ignition Glass Top...

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To meet all your cooking needs, it comes in a three-burner design. The brass burners can distribute the flame evenly for efficient performance. It has black enameled burners that improve the aesthetics. You don’t have to worry about any hassle due to the auto-ignition system. 

It features a cast iron pan support system that offers maximum stability. The premium metal knobs will let you have a smooth working experience. You can have easy cleaning due to the thick toughened glass top. It is also very durable and can last longer.


  • Compact structure for modular kitchen
  • Superior, heavy-duty pan support
  • High-quality ergonomic knobs
  • Glossy tempered glass top

  • Auto ignition system prevents the use of matchsticks.
  • Premium metal knobs for smooth working.
  • Brass burners for equal flame distribution.

  • The polish may wear off in the long run.

5) Elica Three Brass Burner Cooktop Hob

Elica Three Brass Burner Auto Ignition Cooktop Hob (Flexi Brass...

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Elica stove has an ultra-slim profile that makes it perfect for any kitchen. The floating design along with the black glass finish gives it an eye-catching appearance. It features a double-ring brass burner along with two mini triple-ring burners. You will also find an enamelled cast-iron grid that has better durability. 

The brass burners help to distribute the flame evenly. You can use it in a free-standing design or as a built-in hob for having better flexibility. It also lets you have easy cleaning with a smooth surface. The automatic ignition system will offer added convenience. The product offers 5 years warranty on valves and glass.


  • Ultra-slim structure
  • Rust-resistant coating
  • High-quality knobs
  • Extended warranty period

  • High-quality construction improves durability.
  • Flexible design for custom use.
  • Triple ring burners for efficient performance.

  • Durability is questionable.

6) Faber 65-cm 4 Burner Hob Stove

Faber 65 cm Hob, 4 Burner, Auto Ignition (HOB HTG 654 CRS BR CI)...

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Equipped with four brass burners, it can be great for any style of cooking. The battery-operated auto-ignition system prevents the use of matchsticks. What makes it offer better safety is that it comes with anti-leak technology. The virgin brass European valve makes it a highly reliable product. It is available in a convertible design as you can use it as a built-in or a hob top.

It features a heat protector pan support system that can prevent movement. The heat-resistant knobs can be great for longer cooking durations. It features toughened glass surface so that there will be hassle-free cleaning.


  • Easily convertible structure
  • Anti-leak valve
  • Superior brass burners 
  • Good ground clearance 

  • Heat-resistant knobs offer better safety.
  • Anti-leak technology for reliable performance.
  • Heat protector pan support prevents movement.

  • Cleaning is not that easy.

7) Glen 4 Burner Built-in Glass Hob

Glen 4 Burner Auto Ignition Built-in Glass Hob 1074 SQ HT DB

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Ideal for any home, it comes with stainless steel drip tray. With the thick toughened glass top, there will be an attractive look as well as easy cleaning. You can easily use it as a built-in or hob top according to your requirement. It features four brass burners that can distribute the flame evenly. The burners of different sizes will meet all your cooking needs. 

It also comes with integrated auto ignition that prevents unwanted hassle. You will also find a pan support system so that there would be no wobbling. The elegant bakelite knobs offer better convenience. It also comes with a standard warranty of 2 years.


  • Superior double-ring flame
  • Thick toughened glass top
  • High-quality gas valve
  • Better pan support

  • Pan support system prevents wobbling.
  • Brass burners for even flame distribution.
  • The toughened glass top allows easy cleaning.

  • Not a battery-based auto-ignition system.

8) Glen 3 Burner Built-in Glass Gas Hob

Glen 3 Burner Built in Glass Gas Hob with Double Ring Forged...

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With this, you can have style while cooking. Equipped with a built-in hob having double-ring forged brass burners, it delivers efficient performance. The thick toughened glass of 8mm will allow you to have easy cleaning. It also offers a modern look that can blend with any kitchen. The vitreous enameled pan support makes it ideal for large utensils. 

It also features a stainless steel drip tray that can be perfect for cleaning food spillage. You can have a smooth experience with the heat resistance knobs that offer a firm grip. It features a high-precision gas valve without any sim off.


  • Double ring flame 
  • Thick toughened glass
  • Enamelled pan support
  • Bakelite knobs with a firm grip

  • Stainless steel drip tray prevents food spillage.
  • Double reinforced brass burners for better efficiency.
  • Built-in hob for user advantage.

  • There is nothing wrong to point out.

9) Bosch Sealed Tempered Glass Gas Hob

Bosch Sealed Tempered Glass Gas Hob ( black ).

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What makes it different than others is that it is a blend of style and performance. The thick glass surface gives it an eye-catching appearance. It comes in a four-burner design that will take care of all your cooking needs. The product also has easy maintenance with a unique gas hob design. 

It is also very lightweight so that you can carry it conveniently. The simple design will enable you to have easy cleaning. It also offers maximum safety so that the hob cut out remains at a minimum distance. Apart from all this, the product also comes with a warranty of 2 years.


  • Unique modern design
  • Superior pan support 
  • Smooth knob operation
  • Suitable for modular kitchen

  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning.
  • Thick glass surface for an attractive look.
  • Durable design for long-lasting use.

  • Not suitable for large utensils.

10) Glen 3 Burner Glass Gas Hob

Glen 3 Burner Built in Glass Gas Hob with Double Ring Forged...

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Glen stove comes with heat-resistant bakelite knobs for better safety. With the knob there will be smooth operation due to the firm grip. The high-precision gas valve will not have any sim off. It can accommodate utensils of different sizes with vitreous-enamelled pan support. There is also a stainless steel drip tray that can prevent food spillage. 

It features thick top glass that can resist stains and scratches. The integrated auto-ignition system prevents the need for using a matchstick or lighter. You will also find forged brass double ring burners so that there will be equal flame distribution.


  • Ultra-thin modern structure
  • Strong and stable pan support
  • Heat-resistant ergonomic knobs
  • Thick toughened stylish glass

  • Integrated auto-ignition system for user convenience.
  • Stainless steel drip tray prevents mess.
  • Vitreous enamelled pan support for better balance.

  • It is a relatively new product in the market. 


Hob top gas stoves are the future of the kitchen. It gives a clean look and modern appearance to your kitchen without any drawbacks. So we hope that our post helps you in choosing the right hob tops for your kitchen.