Best Karcher Vacuum Cleaners in India 2022

Karcher is a German brand known for its high-pressure cleaners, floor care equipment, vacuums, water treatment equipment, and more. They are considered a market leader in cleaning technology. So, vacuums manufactured by Karcher are generally considered as one of the best in the world. In India, there are many models of vacuums from Karcher are available. It may be tough to choose if you are new to buying Karcher vacuum or vacuums in general. So in this post, let use see in-depth about some of the top vacuums from Karcher that are available in the Indian market.

Top Karcher Vacuums to buy in India

1. Karcher SC 3 Steam Cleaner

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The SC3 from Karcher is one of the best and fastest steam cleaner. It has a short heat-up time, which means that this vacuum can heat up the water within 30 seconds for you to use it quickly. The water tank can be easily refilled at any time, so you can clean non-stop. The intelligent descaling cartridge present in this tank automatically removes the limescale. It cleans without the need for any chemicals and the steam produced from it can kill more than 99.99% of common micro-organisms in your home. The flexible joint of the hose gives you a comfortable cleaning experience. It also makes for effective cleaning with the full floor contact regardless of the user height. You also get various accessories with this buy such as floor nozzle, hand nozzle, round brush, etc. The SC3 gives you the option to control the steam volume flow using the control present on the handle. This ideal cleaner for the kitchen and bathroom comes with a one-year warranty, so you can buy without any worries.


  • It has a good tank storage capacity of one liter and it can be filled while you are cleaning.
  • This steam cleaner has the capability to kill most of the common bacteria and other micro-organisms present in your home.
  • It is compact and thus can be easily stored in your home.

2. Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner

Karcher WD 3 Multi-Purpose Vacuum Cleaner: Home & Kitchen

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The WD3 is one of the best and economical wet and dry vacuum cleaner from Karcher. It has a robust impact resistant container with a good blower functionality. The 1000 watts motor has enough power with it to pick all the micro-particles and dust from your home. The dust is collected inside the plastic container with 17 liters of capacity. This huge volume container will hold dust for many weeks, so you don’t have to frequently empty it. The newly developed suction hose and floor nozzle with mixed insert pick up dust thoroughly to give you perfect cleanliness. The suction hose is removable so different attachment nozzles can be directly attached to it for easy vacuuming. This vacuum also has a practical blower functionality that can be used when suctioning is not possible.  There are also different attachments that come with this vacuum such as crevice nozzle, suction hose, suction tube, and paper filter bag. The WD3 vacuum with its ergonomic shape and multi-purpose functionality is one of the best wet and dry vacuum for your home use.


  • It comes with a specific cartridge filter that can be used without any replacement.
  • It has a pull and push locking system for easy and safe opening of the container.
  • This wet and dry vacuum comes with a good warranty period of one year.

3. Karcher WD5 Premium Vacuum with 25 Liter container

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The WD5 is a premium wet and dry vacuum cleaner from Karcher. It comes with a robust stainless steel container of 25 liters in capacity. This stainless steel container makes this vacuum look premium while also making it highly durable. This container has a huge storage capacity of 25 liters, so it can store high dust and dirt without the need to clean it frequently. You can see German technology at its best with the stainless steel design of this vacuum. The WD5 vacuum also features an innovative filter technology that allows you to conveniently remove the flat pleated filter in seconds by folding out the filter box. The 1100W motor with 240 watts of airpower ensures that all the dust is picked up from the surface efficiently. The vacuum also comes with a good blower functionality, so it can remove dust from all different surfaces. The floor nozzle is switchable and it comes with two rubber and two brush strips. It provides optimized suction that picks up all types of dirt and provides maximum cleaning convenience. With a good parking position, 3-in-1 carrying handle and cable accessory storage, the WD5 is a premium vacuum that makes your money worth in the long run. There is also a one-year warranty period that comes with this vacuum to make really a valuable buy.


  • This premium wet and dry vacuum comes with a corrosion-resistant, premium storage container.
  • It has an integrated filter cleaning function. The filter can be quickly and easily cleaned by simply pressing a button.
  • The 25-liter storage capacity of this vacuum can store few weeks of dust, so you don’t have to empty it frequently.

4. Karcher WD 1 1000W wet and dry vacuum cleaner

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The Karcher WD 1 is a budget model with good suction and blower functionality. It is compact and lightweight in design, so you can easily operate this vacuum by carrying it anywhere in your home. The compact design also makes it easy to store this vacuum in your home. The 1000W motor provides enough power to this vacuum for a good suction and blower capability. The capacity of the dust container present in this vacuum is also good coming at 15 liters, but it is made of plastic, unlike the stainless steel design of its premium brothers. It also sports a good blower functionality that you can use when suctioning is not possible. It comes with different filters. The foam filter is used for wet vacuuming while the textile and paper filter is used for dry vacuuming. There is also accessory storage present with this vacuum along with a cable hook. The ergonomic carrying handle present at the top of this vacuum ensures that you can carry this vacuum with ease. With a compact design and budget price, the WD1 is a good wet and dry vacuum for your daily cleaning needs. The one-year warranty that comes with this vacuum makes it a valuable buy.


  • This compact model comes with 15 liters of storage capacity, so you don’t have to empty the dust frequently.
  • It comes with a good blower and suction functionality.
  • The plastic container makes the vacuum robust and impact resistant.


Karcher is a global brand that makes some of the best vacuum cleaners in the market. The above list presents the top models of vacuum cleaners from the Karcher brand that are available in India. If you are in the market for a good Karcher branded vacuum cleaner, then the above list is a good place to start.


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