Best Juicer Mixer Grinders In India 2022

There are a few appliances that are a must-have for every kitchen to order to speed up the preparation of dishes and cook brilliantly. A juicer mixer grinder is one such kitchen appliance that not only helps in mixing ingredients but also grinding and blending them as per your requirement.

In fact, a juicer mixer grinder is the most versatile kitchen appliance. It is needless to mention the importance of grinding the ingredients evenly and mixing them uniformly for a dish to be tasty. Here is the list of the best juicer mixer grinders in India. 

Best Juicer Mixer Grinders In India

1) Bosch Pro 1000W

Bosch Pro 1000W Mixer Grinder MGM8842MIN - Black

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The unique design of this juicer mixer grinder will provide you with authentic taste. This will allow you to save your effort as it can work quickly. Moreover, this comes with a blunt PoundingBlade that has thick edges. With this, you can have a hands-free operation as it comes with a strong suction feed.

It also has unique lid locks, and it comes with stainless steel blades. Furthermore, it offers maximum convenience as it can tackle both wet and dry grinding. This will also let you have easy storage with the cable management system. Additionally, it comes with a motor rating of 30 minutes and is available in an ergonomic design.


  • Unique lid locks for superior performance.
  • A versatile design allows use for both dry and wet grinding.
  • Cable management system for a clean look.


  • The cleaning is time-consuming.

2) Bajaj Rex 500W Mixer

Bajaj Rex 500W Mixer Grinder with Nutri-Pro Feature, 3 Jars,...

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With this juicer mixer grinder, there will be value as well as performance. This can make 20,000 RPM and includes three jars. Furthermore, it is available in a multifunctional design, and you will choose from three-speed levels. Additionally, the high-quality construction makes sure there will be value for money.

The product also features a powerful motor for superior performance. You will also find easy grip jar handles for smooth handling. The elegant body design will allow you to save space. Moreover, this will make a perfect gift to anyone and can perform both wet and dry grinding.


  • Compact design allows saving space.
  • Three-speed levels for custom performance.
  • High-quality construction enhances longevity.


  • The blades are not super sharp.

3) Philips HL7756/00 Mixer

Philips HL7756/00 Mixer Grinder, 750W, 3 Jars (Black)

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The turbo motor of this juicer mixer grinder makes it deliver powerful performance. It comes with food-grade jars and includes a semi-transparent lid. Moreover, this will let you check the food items conveniently without opening the jar. You will also find specialized blades that can tackle tough ingredients.

Furthermore, it offers maximum efficiency due to the advanced air ventilation. The product comes with a sturdy coupler, and it has stable construction. Additionally, you can easily choose from three-speed levels and have a custom operation. This is a highly reliable product and serves great for any kitchen.


  • Sturdy coupler for user convenience.
  • Stable design prevents unwanted movement.
  • Advanced air ventilation for continuous performance.


  • It vibrates more than other products. 

4) Wonderchef Nutri-Blend

Wonderchef Nutri-Blend, 22000 RPM Mixer-Grinder, Blender, SS...

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This one is a blend of performance and style. The juicer mixer grinder delivers superior performance that lets you use it for versatile applications. Additionally, it can stay sharp even while working at high speed. With this, there will be better health as it can retain the essential nutrients and minerals.

This comes with a four-wing blade as well as a two-wing flat blade. Furthermore, it is ideal for making smoothies and is available in a durable design. Moreover, this offers maximum safety as it will not operate when you insert the jar incorrectly. This does not have any switches, and the attractive design perfectly blends with your kitchen decor.


  • Durable design offers value for money.
  • Four wing-blade for superior performance.
  • Sharp blades tackle different ingredients.


  • The jar size is on the smaller side.

5) Prestige Iris 750 Watt

Prestige Iris 750 Watt Mixer Grinder with 3 Stainless Steel Jar +...

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Here is a juicer mixer grinder that offers maximum utility with its powerful performance. It includes three stainless steel jars along with a transparent juicer jar. Furthermore, it has the power of 750 watts and is available in a compact size. Additionally, the product also operates at low noise of up to 90 dB.

You can use it safely as it comes with a jar lock. This lets you save time as it can make 20000 RPM. Moreover, it also features four blades for fine processing. It has an overload protection switch that helps to prevent the overheating of the motor. This also has a sturdy handle that provides better convenience.


  • Powerful revolution for quick performance.
  • Sturdy handle for easy operation.
  • Overload protection switch prevents motor overheating.


  • It is relatively noisy. 

6) Sujata Powermatic Plus

Sujata Powermatic Plus, Juicer Mixer Grinder with Chutney Jar,...

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Equipped with a powerful motor of 900 watts, this makes sure there will be superior performance. The juicer mixer grinder can perform different tasks as it comes in a multifunctional design. Moreover, it comes in a low-maintenance design for having maximum convenience. In this, you will find a unique honeycomb filter mesh that can be perfect for capturing fine particles.

Additionally, it can make 22000 RPM for retaining the aroma and flavor. The product offers continuous runtime of 90 minutes. You can use it safely as it is available in a shockproof design. Furthermore, this will let you save time and effort as it has quick performance.


  • Longer runtime for continuous performance.
  • The shockproof design offers maximum safety.
  • Low maintenance design for user convenience.


  • There is no con to highlight.

7) Butterfly Jet Elite

Butterfly Jet Elite Mixer Grinder, 750W, 4 Jars (Grey)

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To make sure there will be custom performance, this one has three-speed levels. The juicer mixer grinder delivers efficient performance, and it has a stainless steel construction. Moreover, you will also find a powerful motor so that there will be remarkable performance. It has ABS construction that helps to resist shocks.

You will also find an auto-off switch, and it comes with an unbreakable lid. Additionally, the elegant handle will allow you to hold it conveniently. This is available in a complete set and includes multiple accessories. Furthermore, it delivers high power of 750 watts and makes 18500 RPM.


  • High-quality ABS construction improves durability.
  • Auto-off switch for better safety.
  • Multiple speed levels for customized operation.


  • The knobs are somewhat flimsy.

8) Havells Sprint Mixer

Havells Sprint Mixer Grinder, 500W, 3 Jars (Grey/ Green)

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The 100-watt power of this juicer mixer grinder makes sure there will be superior performance. This comes with a no-load speed of 18000 RPM and works quickly. In this, you will find the three stainless steel jars for custom performance. Moreover, this features a cord winder for having easy storage.

It lets you have an easy operation due to the speed control knob. Additionally, this can prevent unwanted movement as it features vacuum feet. Furthermore, it comes in a stain-resistant design so that there will be quick cleaning. It is available in a versatile design and features an OLP indicator.


  • Stainless steel jars for easy handling.
  • Cord winder allows having easy storage.
  • Speed control knob for easy operation.


  • It is slightly noisy.

Factors To Consider while buying Best Juicer Mixer Grinders

  • Construction: The juicer mixer grinder must come in a durable design. See if it has a stable construction for preventing movement. It must resist rust and corrosion and allow you to use it for a long time.
  • Versatility: A versatile design will be an ideal consideration. For this, you can see if it comes with all the necessary accessories. Go for the one that can tackle different types of ingredients.
  • Blades: The blades determine the overall performance of the juicer mixer grinder. You must see if it comes with sharp blades. It has to be suitable for both wet and dry grinding. We recommend you checking juicing vs grinding.
  • Motor Power: Juicer mixer grinders can have variable motor capacities. A high capacity makes sure there will be quick performance. However, you need to go for the one that comes with overheating protection.
  • Safety: Consider investing in a juicer mixer grinder that offers maximum safety. It must come with a secure lid lock that helps to prevent any mess. Apart from this, you can see if it helps to prevent any kind of electrical hazard.
  • Others: Look for a juicer mixer grinder that allows you to have a hassle-free operation. It must also disassemble quickly so that there will be easy cleaning. You may also check out the advantages & disadvantages of mixer grinder.


There are different types of juicer mixer grinders available to serve your requirements effortlessly. Our team of experts has handpicked the best ones and you should check out the buying guide so that you can assess them better. You should check out all of them before deciding which one is best for your kitchen. 

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