Top 10 Best Glass Top Gas Stove in India 2022

We are providing Best Glass Top Gas Stove reviews in this article. Gas stoves are amongst the most important and essential part of the Indian kitchen, and that’s the reason why you can easily find a gas stove in every home kitchen. And as the designs of the modern kitchen are getting quite modern and practical, the gas stoves have also moved ahead in terms of technology and design.

Best Glass Top Stove

The type of gas stove that we are going to talk about today is the glass top gas stoves. These trendy yet classy gas stoves are perfect for modern kitchens and provide it a great look without compromising with the quality. The gas stoves with glass top are durable, look amazing and are much easier than the normal stainless-steel top gas stoves.

1. Lifelong 3 Burner Gas Stove

Lifelong Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

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For the buyers who are looking forward to buying a decent looking, easy to use and brilliantly laid out glass top gas stove, the Lifelong 3-burner gas stove will be an ideal choice. With sufficiently spaced burners and great pan support, this is one of the most popular 3-burner gas stoves available in the market. This is Best Glass Top Gas Stove India.

Apart from the amazing design, there are several other things that make the Lifelong gas stove a great choice for the Indian homes. Antiskid feet make the stove extremely stable even if your kitchen platform has a glossy finish. The 6mm glass used in the gas stove is extremely easy to clean capable to deal with the hot utensils.

Some of the best features that made us include this stove in the list of the best stoves available in the market are

  • Reliable glass top
  • Extremely easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty

  • Nylon knobs
  • Perfect for the normal Indian family with 3-4 members

  • After sales service is not so good

Bottom Line

In all, if you were looking for a cooktop with decent looks, efficient burners, and great value for money, this 3-burner gas stovetop from Lifelong would be an ideal choice for you. Try your hands on it, and you will love the performance.

2. Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas stove

Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 Burner Gas Stove

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For the buyers who are looking forward to buying a new gas stove that not only looks amazing but also is a great choice for modern and highly efficient kitchens, the Elica Vetro Glass Top 3 burner gas stove would be a great choice. These are one of the most reliable Glass Top Burner. So this Glasstop Gas Stove can be a great choice.

Elica has been a great brand that has been popular among the buyers for providing the customers with the best and most reliable products according to their needs and budget. Along with the brilliant design, the Elica gas stoves have amazing performance. And the 703 CT Vetro BLK from ELICA is also not an exception.

  • Great design
  • A brilliant combination of steel and glass
  • Durable build quality

  • Great brand value
  • Brilliant after sales service

  • None so far

Bottom line

In all, Elica Vetro is a brilliant choice for those buyers who are looking for an ideal choice for their modern kitchen that not only looks amazing but also performs extremely well and utilizes the gas perfectly. So, if you were looking for a durable and great looking gas stove, you should once consider buying the Elica Vetro 3-burner glass top gas stove for your home.

3. Butterfly Smart Glass 3 burner stove

Butterfly Smart Glass 3 burner stove

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For the buyers who are looking forward to buying a reliable gas stove from a renowned brand that is popular among the buyers who are after a brilliant quality and performance, the butterfly smart glass 3 burner stove is a perfect buy. With a great design, elegant looks, and flawless performance, this is an ideal choice for Indian buyers who are looking forward to getting a complete package for their kitchen.

With a great design and reliable 3-pin brass burners, the stove has numerous brilliant features and points that make it a worthy buy. Butterfly provides Best Glass Top Gas Stove In India.

We have listed some of the best features that make this a perfect buy for Indian buyers. Go through them, and then decide whether you should buy this stove for your home, or not.

  • High-quality 3-pin brass burner
  • Greatly designed pan support
  • Spill-proof, waterproof design.
  • Great size for the Indian kitchen

  • Extremely easy to maintain and clean
  • All the burners have been placed perfectly according to the Indian cooking vessels
  • Balancing the utensils may be an issue with some users

Bottom line

In all, if you were looking forward to buying a reliable, easy to use and maintain stove for your home that looks elegant, this 3-burner stove from Butterfly would be an ideal choice. Try your hands on it, and get amazed by the flawless performance of the gas stove.

4. Pigeon by Stovekraft 3-burner gas stove cooktop

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Pigeon by Stoverkraft Glass Top Gas Stove has anti-skid feet that enable easy operation. Equipped with ergonomic knobs that have heat-resistant covers, this offers maximum safety. The toughened glass top offers a beautiful look and helps in easy cleaning. It also comes with powder-coated pan supports for preventing rust.

The right-hand side pipe nozzle and straight pipe fitting design offer maximum convenience. There is also a drip tray for easy cleaning. The pan support is in a unique design for accommodating pans of different sizes. It helps to provide even flame distribution for maximum efficiency. It can even last longer and features a warranty of 2 years.

  • Ergonomic and heat-resistant knobs.
  • Anti-skid base for safe cooking.
  • Even distribution of flame.

  • Highly durable and easy to clean.
  • Unique knobs and even heat distribution.

  • Knobs can get jammed.

Bottom line

The gas stove looks attractive, and the gas expenditure and heat distribution are optimal. Therefore, it is highly efficient in its performance. The overall construction is top-notch, but the fancy knobs could be an issue. Otherwise, you can go for it without a doubt.

5. Prestige Marvel Glass top 3-burner gas stove

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Prestige Magic Glass Gas Stove comes in a spill-proof design for having a better cooking experience. The ergonomic knobs can prevent unwanted hassles. It lets you have easy cleaning with the toughened black glass top. The tri pin brass burner can provide even flame distribution for maximum efficiency. It also has ISI certification for optimal safety.

The compact design can be great for saving space. With the unique design, it can be great for or using utensils of different sizes. The top surface makes sure that it withstands daily wear and tear. Despite being very durable, it comes with a warranty of 2 years.

  • Durable toughen glass top
  • Ergonomically placed burners
  • Compact and glass design

  • Easy to clean with spill-proof design
  • Tri-pin burners for better flaming

  • Customer service could be better. 

Bottom line

Prestige is one of the most popular brands in the gas stove segment and this is a top-notch product from the brand. The burners are perfectly placed for simultaneous cooking and the flame distribution is perfect. Overall, there is nothing wrong with the product and hence, you can go for it instantly. 

6. Thermador Toughened 4 Brass Burner Gas Stove

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Equipped with a strong thermal toughened glass surface, it lets you have easy cleaning. It is also very durable and can accommodate utensils of large sizes. The heavy-duty brass burner offers maximum efficiency by providing even flame distribution. It can resist rust with the royal black coating.

It offers better convenience with the feature of manual ignition. The four-burner design has accurate spacing for accommodating utensils without any mess. It also offers maximum safety with the ISI certification. The compact build helps to save space. It is highly durable and offers a warranty of 1 year.

  • Rust-proof design for durability
  • Support large utensils and pans
  • Energy-efficient, tri-pin burners

  • Enough space between burners
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Knob quality could be better

Bottom line

If you are looking for a 4 burner gas stove, this is a great option. This is because the stoves are placed ergonomically so that you can cook in large utensils simultaneously. The knobs are its weak point but overall, it compensates with its performance. 

7. Elica Vetro Glass Top 4-burner Glass Cooktop Stove

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If you are in need of a four-burner gas stove that looks sleek, is efficient and has a great design that goes extremely well with the modern interiors of the kitchen, you should once consider the Elica Vetro 4-burner gas stove which is probably the most good-looking 4-burner stove currently available in the market.

Along with the design, the thing that makes it a great buy for Indian customers is the efficiency of the stove. The stove is extremely easy to use and you can easily set up this in your kitchen without any expert’s help for the installation.

Some of the best features of Elica Vetro 4-burner gas cooktop are listed below. Go through them to know why this is a worthy upgrade for your home kitchen.

  • Sleek design
  • Durable build quality with toughened glass
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty

  • Euro coated grid to get the best stability amongst all four-burner gas tops available in the range
  • Great value for money

  • Not easy to maintain

Bottom line

In all, if you are after a great looking 4-burner gas stove with great features and flawless performance, the Elica Vetro 4-burner gas stove will be an ideal choice for you. With a stable design, highly durable glass top and features that are not present in any of the other stoves from other brands, this is a great buy for Indian customers.

8. Prestige Marvel Glass 2-burner

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With the feature of automatic ignition, it eliminates the need for having a match stick. All you have to do is to rotate the knob to switch it on. It comes with high-efficiency burners that work by offering even flame distribution. There is also a spill tray that can prevent unwanted mess.

For user convenience, it features a multi-directional gas inlet nozzle on its backside. The pan stand can accommodate heavy-duty utensils. It also comes with anti-slip legs for a stable cooking experience. With elegant nylon knobs and thick toughened glass, it offers an attractive look. It is also backed by a warranty of 2 years.

  • Strong glass top and 
  • Proper pan support for large utensils
  • Full-swivel gas inlet & anti-skid feet

  • High efficiency and durable
  • Auto ignition and easy cleaning
  • Knobs can get jammed

Bottom line

If you are looking for a double burner setup, it is the best one to go for. Even though the brand is not as popular as Prestige, the product is top-notch in terms of performance and overall construction. 

9. Sunflame GT Pride 2 burner Gas stove


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For the buyers who are after a reliable performance, easy to use features and a perfect look, the Sunflame GT pride 2-burner gas stove would be an ideal buy. With a bunch of useful l features like powder-coated pan support, hardened glass top, brilliant brand value, and numerous others, this is a perfect buy for the Indian customers who are looking for complete value for money product for their kitchen.

Some of the best points about the Sunflame Pride 2-burner gas stove are listed below

  • Easy maintenance
  • Relatively more durable than other 2-burner gas stoves available in the market
  • High-quality brass burners for better efficiency

  • 2-year warranty
  • Hardened glass top for better usability

  • Knobs could have been better

Bottom line

In all, Sunflame Pride 2-burner gas stove is a great buy for buyers with a smaller kitchen and limited family members. Try your hands on it and experience the best 2-burner gas stove in this price range.

10. Prestige Marvel 4-burner gas stove

Prestige Marvel Plus Glass 4 Burner Gas Stove 

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For the bigger families and kitchens, the Prestige 4-burner gas stove will be an ideal product to go with. Along with a brilliant design, efficient cooking and great brand value, this is a great product in this price range.

Some of the best features of the gas stove include

  • Great pan support
  • Efficient performance
  • Brilliant brand value

  • Premium quality hardened glass top
  • 2-year warranty

  • Knobs could have been better

Bottom line

IN all, if you were looking for a sheer performance stove for your home and features that make it stand ahead from other similar products, the Prestige Marvel 4-burner gas stove will be a perfect product to go with.

List Of Best Glass Top Gas Stove

The thing to Know About Glass Gas Stove

A glass gas stove is often seen as an exciting option to buy for its compact, sleek, and modern appeal. But again it has its own set of benefits and drawbacks which should be kept in mind before opting for one.

Benefits of Using a Glass Gas Stove

  • Glass gas stoves are very simple and easy to maintain and clean.
  • They bring in the sense of exquisiteness to your kitchen décor.
  • They can be a good option for a better and faster warm-up.
  • They ease the task of cooking as the surface around the burners remains cool.
  • On most glass stoves, the burners are not visible.

Drawbacks for Using a Glass Gas Stove

  • It is a costly option. 
  • They should be handled with care. They get easily damaged while cleaning.
  • They tend to get scratches and breaks easily.
  • The utensils you cook with needs to be flat. Bent vessels may not work well with glass gas stoves.
  • If damaged, the top replacement can be expensive and not so easy.
  • Glass Top Stove Prices is high.

Is it Safe to Use a Glass Gas Stove?

It is safe to use a gas stove provided that you are prepared to take care of the gas. The glass top gas stove has toughened glass, and it is a safe option. It is five times powerful than normal, ordinary glass, which makes it durable. Heat resistant tempered glass is the best for use till now.

If you are thinking of purchasing one, check the durability and strength of the glass top. It is determined by the quality of the glass that is used. It would be essential to go through some top gas stove brands in India and then consider the brand. However, careless handling can even damage a good product.

Safety Tips for Using Glass Top Gas Stove

Is Glass Top Gas Stove Safe? It is difficult to denote the best material for gas stove since it is totally a personal choice. It depends on how comfortable you are with the material. But be it glass or stainless steel, all gas stoves require maintenance. Ideally, for a glass top gas stove, you need to be careful so that the glass doesn’t break or get damaged. Generally, these are toughened glass, so they don’t easily break, but careless handling can damage the glass.

It can break due to overloading, changes in the natural environment, during installation, or damage on the outer surface.

The following tips can come handy while handling glass stove burners: 

  • Don’t keep the burners closed

Most users keep the burners and the glass top covered with the intention to keep it clean. But this results in the trapping of the heat and increase of pressure resulting in shattering.

  • Using oversized utensils can trap heat and damage the glass. So check the size of your pots and pans before putting it on the stove.
  • Take care of vessels with sharp edges. That can damage the glass top.
  • Never put the vessels on the glass top, especially if it is filled. This can cause the glass to crack.
  • Clean the burners. Clogged burners can damage the stove by interfering with its proper functioning. 
  • When to opt for glass top replacement?

There is no process by which you can fix it yourself. Glass top gases can look aesthetically pleasing, but they can be damaged easily. Ideally, a broken glass top cannot be fixed or repaired, but they can be replaced by a proper mechanic. There can minor cracks which can happen over time.

Those can unpleasing to look at but don’t need immediate replacement. If the damage interferes with the functionality of the stove, then you have to opt for glass top replacement.

Why Choose Glass Top Gas Stoves?

Even if you have chosen your favourite one out of the above-listed products, one thing you were surely thinking about is whether these glass top stoves are worth buying for Indian homes or not. So, here are the top reasons why you should opt for a glass top stove instead of the normal stainless-steel cooktop for your home. Go through them and know whether you should buy the gas stove for yourself, or not.

  • Easy to maintain
  • Glass top comes with a warranty
  • Heat resistant glass top makes it durable and a better choice than the traditional cooktops

Along with these, there are numerous other points that can be treated as the reasons to choose the glass top stoves over the traditional ones.

So, if you were looking for a more beautiful and reliable cooktop for your modern kitchen, you should look forward to buying a glass top stove instead of the traditional stove with stainless steel cooktop.

Bottom line

So, this was all the information that you will need to know if you were looking forward to buying a glass top stove for your home. In case you were looking for the recommendations, then you can find the best  product for yourself from the above list, and if you aren’t able to decide whether the glass top stoves are worthy enough for your home, or not, then the reasons behind the popularity of the glass top stoves will be extremely beneficial for yourself.

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