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Last updated July 2nd, 2022

We are reviewing Best Gas Lighter In India. Today most of the gas stoves come with an inbuilt lighter facility that automatically turns on the flame while the gas control knob is turned. However, not all brands come with the same quality inbuilt automatic gas lighter and this is why we still need gas lighters today. With the quality of automatic inbuilt gar lighters in question, almost everyone with a gas stove prefers having a gas lighter with them.

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At a Glance: Our Top Picks

Top 6 Best Gas Lighters in India

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VR Speed Stainless Steel

VR Speed Stainless Steel, Plastic Gas Lighter (Cyan, Pack of 1)
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  • Content : 1 Gas Lighter , Material : Stainless Steel Pipe
  • This lighter is safe to use
  • Made from high quality stainless steel & Plastic this gas lighter is a necessity for your kitchen
  • This economic lighter lasts for long
  • Ignite your stove in just one click with this smart lighter
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DEBIRE Steel Plastic Kitchen Gas Lighter Flame Adjustable

DEBIRE Steel Plastic Kitchen Gas Lighter Flame Adjustable, Refillable Safe & Secured (Black, Pack of 1)
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  • Gas Lighters - Material: Plastic & Stainless Steel. | Color - Black
  • Easy to Use and Kitchen Stove/Candle Compatible.
  • Enhanced Safety: Enhanced product Safety with extra child lock protection.
  • Long Durability: Long life of Gas, Available color Gas lighter will delivered.
  • Package: Pack of 1 - Gas Lighter. Black color Sealed package.
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DEBIRE Steel Gas Lighter

DEBIRE Steel Gas Lighter for Stove with Adjustable Flame for Kitchen, Multicolored (Pack of 2)
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  • Gas Lighter - Material : Plastic, Stainless Steel.
  • Safety: Enhanced product Safety with extra child lock protection.
  • Long Durability: Long life of Gas, Available colour Gas lighter will delivered.
  • Package Contain: 2 Piece Gas Lighter (Multicolored).
  • Refillable Gas lighter for longer use with trusted Made in India Product.
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DOCOSS - Rechargeable Electric Gas Lighter Kitchen Lighter Chargeable USB Arc Long Lighter for Candle Flexible Lighter Neck for Gas,diyas,agarbatti,Candle (Black)
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  • LONGER FLEXIBLE NECK & LIGHTWEIGHT -Our upgraded Gas lighter has a long flexible neck. Kitchen Gas Lighter is easily rotated 360 degree for different lighting needs. Lightweight size is suitable for daily indoor and outdoor use.
  • HUGE BATTERY CAPACITY - Electric Lighter has battery capacity of 170 mAh . Its big in size & lighter can provides over 500 uses on a full charge.
  • WINDPROOF , FLAMELESS, SMARTER , SAFER -Gas Lighter Chargeable Plasma Technology Generates a Windproof Plasma Arc Pulse hotter than fire , Low sound, Multi-Purpose Usage to Easily and Safely fulfill all your lighting needs ; No Butane , No Flame , A Eco Friendly , Cleaner , Easier and Safer way to light
  • USB RECHARGEABLE -Long Lighter for Candle Plazmatic Lighter comes with the USB Cord , Could be Charged with any USB Power Port ; Gets Fully Charged in about an Hour and gives more than 400 Sparks or 3 Hours of Use per Charge ; Excellent Battery Life
  • MULTIPURPOSE USE : Flexible Gas Lighter Ideal for Gas , Candles , Kitchens , Stovetops , Grill , Barbeque , Fireplaces , Fireworks , Lanterns , Fragrance lamps , Pipes , Camping , Outdoors and Much More
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Pigeon Gas Lighter

Pigeon Gas Lighter with Free Knife (Set of 2) (S.S)
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  • Package Contents: 2-Piece Gas Lighter, 2 free knife
  • Strong and sturdy, Material: steel
  • Thicker gauge for high durability
  • Seller: Kitchen Mart
  • Warranty Information: 12 months warranty
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DEBIRE Blackperl Gas Lighter

DEBIRE Blackperl Gas Lighter for Kitchen Stove with Refill Can - Steel Nozzle/Plastic Multicolored (Set of 1)
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  • Multicolor Gas Lighters with gas Refill can 100ml
  • Plastic & Steel Material Quality gas Lighter.
  • Multicolored Gas lighter ship as per stock available.
  • Made in india proudly with Promised Quality.
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A Guide to Choosing the Best Gas Lighters

Difference between Electric Lighters and Conventional Lighters?

Unlike normal gas lighters, electric lighters run on batteries. Some models also come with rechargeable functionality. Famous brands like prestige gas lighter offer both types of lighters as per the consumer’s need. The electric gas lighters are powered by AA and AAA batteries.

Conventional or normal gas lighters are filled with gas to light up the stove. On the other hand, electric lighters do not come with gas and are safer to use. Moreover, electric gas lighters being rechargeable let you cut the cost of buying a new lighter every time your normal gas lighter runs out. Electric lighters are ranked among the best kitchen lighters

Is Buying an Auto-Ignition Gas Top Stove Recommended?

Choosing between a manual ignition gas stove and auto-ignition should be a no-brainer. Auto-ignition stoves are not a mystery these days. More and more Indian households opt for auto-ignition. After all, you just have to turn the knob on, and your food is ready to cook. Igniting is not at all tough.

With a manual ignition, you will require a gas lighter too. If you are comfortable using an auto-ignition stove, you can invest in it without a doubt. However, if you are not comfortable using it, you should first try to read and follow the instructions. 

Can Induction Completely Replace Gas Stoves?

Induction based cooking is a new trend and not an uncommon one. People have adapted to cooking on induction over time as it saves effort and time and cost of fuel. Induction runs on electricity, unlike the traditional gas top stoves. If you are someone who requires minimal cooking in day-to-day life, induction stoves are the best choice for you.

However, if you need to cook for a large family, induction is not an ideal option as it does not provide you the option of multiple burners.


We have listed six different gas lighters above; all of the products were selected based on the customer reviews and the features it offers. We recommend you consider purchasing any one of them and you will not regret it.

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