Top 10 Best Dot Matrix Printer in India 2022 – Buying Guide

Technology never stays stagnant. With that being said, electrical appliances keep evolving with time, and more and more features are added to the initial models to give what a consumer wants. There are numerous types of printers available in the market today.

Best Dot Matrix Printer

Wired or wireless, inkjet or ink tank, each one of them has its purpose along with the benefits and certain drawbacks. Dot-matrix printers fall among one of the oldest printing methods. These printers are best suited for printing address labels, multipart forms, or barcodes, and, most importantly, carbon paper copies. Although it is an old tech appliance, it is still useful in industrial workplaces. Given below is a curated list of the best inkjet printers one should buy from:

Top 10 Best Dot Matrix Printer in India

1) TVS Printer-240 Monochrome Dot Matrix Printer

Tvs Printer-240 Monochrome Dot Matrix Printer

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The TVS Printer 240 is the best Tvs dot matrix printer available in the market. It is a single-function monochrome printer allowing one to copy and print. The TVS printer comes with USB support. The temperature range is 5 Degrees C to 35 Degrees C. It offers 128KB of storage that allows a printing speed of 357 characters a second.


  • High-speed printing
  • Optimum efficiency
  • Parallel and serial ports along with USB support


  • Can be a bit pricey

2) TVS MSP 240 Classic Plus

Tvs MSP 240 Classic Plus Printer

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The MSP 240 by TVS often goes by the title of “The business star.” This dot matrix printer has built-in fonts for barcode printing. This printer is highly recommended when it comes to printing reports, journals, statements, documents, proposals, correspondences, or letters in general. The installation requires only the plug-play process.


  • Low cost of ribbon replacement
  • Fast printing (400cps)
  • Two years of warranty


  • Can give low-density barcodes at times

3) Epson FX-LQ-310

Epson LQ-310 Dot Matrix Printer

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The Epson FX-LQ-310 is a workhouse with high performance and calls for very low maintenance. This dot matrix printer by Epson gives a speed of 10 cpi (476 characters per second). It also supports five parts forms of printing. It is best suited for printing accounting statements, multiple-copy printing, transaction reports, or report generation every month.


  • Comes with an in-built network model.
  • Has USB support along with parallel bi-directional support.
  • Reliable for businesses
  • High-speed printing in huge volumes


  • Costlier than the others

4) Epson LX-1310 Serial Impact

Epson LX-1310 Serial Impact Printer

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The LX-1310 is a nine pin dot matrix printer with a printing speed of 347 characters per second at 12CPI. It is best suited for printing in offices, making it an ideal match for the business world appliances. It supports five forms copy, i.e., one original along with four copies. It has a memory/storage of 128KB. It has a control panel comprising of 4 switches.


  • LED control panel
  • High-speed printing
  • Ideal for official needs
  • Reasonable price


  • Heavier than the other dot matrix printers

5) Epson LQ-1310

Epson LQ-1310 Dot Matrix Printer

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The Epson LQ 1310 is an advanced dot matrix printer with a 24 pin carriage. It gives a printing speed of up to 416 characters per second at 12 CPI. It is suitable for heavy-duty print, making it an ideal choice for businesses. The Epson LQ 1310 comes with eight in-built barcode fonts and formats. 400 million strokes are print-head life for this Epson dot matrix printer.


  • Narrow carriage
  • Comes with USB support as well as serial ports and parallel ports.
  • High-speed printing for business solutions


  • Heavier body than most dot matrix printers

6) TVS MSP 250 Dot Matrix

Tvs MSP 250 Monochrome Dot Matrix Printer

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The MSP 250 is a monochrome TVS dot matrix printer designed to deliver the fastest printing. It can print 450 characters per second. It has 100 KB of buffer memory and saves the user’s time. The TVS MSP 250 Dot Matrix can make 5 form copies (1 original along with four copies of the same).

It is best recommended for all kinds of service outlets like supermarkets, outlet stores, distribution companies, pharmacies, travel agencies, courier facilities, etc.


  • In-built barcode fonts and prints
  • Vertical body design to save space
  • Superfast printing


  • May find it difficult to work on some operating systems


7) TVS MSP 455 XL 136 Column

TVS MSP 455 XL 136 Column Dot Matrix Printer

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The MSP 455 XL 136 Column is a dot matrix printer by TVS with a printing speed of 400 characters per second. The ribbon in this dot matrix printer has a lifespan of 40 million. The control panel is simple and easy to use. The print head has a lifespan of 200 million characters.

What sets it apart from other dot matrix printers is the option to download fonts of the different Indian languages- Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Gujarati, Malayalam, Bengali, Oriya, Assamese, and Gurmukhi. Along with these, the in-built standard fonts provided are for the English Language and Devanagari.


  • Options to download multiple fonts
  • High-speed printing
  • Low energy consumption
  • Multiple and advanced features at a reasonable price.


  • Heavier body
  • Monochrome printing only

8) Epson LQ 2090

Epson LQ-2090 Dot Matrix Printer

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The LQ 2090 is a monochrome single function Epson dot matrix printer with a print speed of about ten cpi. It is designed for simplex printing and has a buffer memory of 128 KB. This dot matrix by Epson comes with USB support and consumes 42 W of electricity in its active state.


  • Compatible with every Windows version
  • Decent storage to support high-speed printing


  • Too costly in comparison to others
  • It can’t be carried easily.

9) Epson Dot Matrix LQ50

Epson Dot Matrix LQ50 Monochrome Printer

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As the name suggests, the Epson LQ50 is a dot matrix printer designed to print passbooks or slips. It is a 24 pin carriage device. The Epson LQ50 gives a printing speed of 360 characters a second.


  • High-speed printing for productive and smooth business
  • Efficiency at its best
  • Maintains low TCO
  • Specialized especially for passbooks or slips
  • Auto gap adjustment


  • A bit costly for a single function dot matrix printer

10) TVS HD 245 Gold

TVS HD 245 Gold Printer (136 Column)

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The HD 245 Gold by TVS is a monochrome dot-matrix single function wired printer. This printer gives a speed of 570 characters per second. It supports paper, envelopes, postcards, labels, and cardstock media types. It runs on all windows versions 2000. The TVS HD 245 Gold has the new DURAPIN technology. This printer also has five forms of printing (1 original and four copies).


  • A warranty of 2 years which includes the print head
  • Advanced technology for better business
  • Durable


  • A bit costly for monochrome

Benefits of Using a Dot Matrix Printer

  • Compared to other printers, dot matrix printers come at a cheaper cost.
  • It can print on carbon, unlike other types of printers.
  • Dot-matrix printers print at a very low cost.
  • Gives you enough time to change ribbons and does not stop all of a sudden
  • The use of paper is a continuous process. The user does not need to change the paper frequently.
  • It is built to endure tough industrial conditions where maintenance can be tough.
  • Low maintenance costs

Drawbacks of Using a Dot Matrix Printer

  • Does not always support color printing
  • Low-resolution output
  • Noisy printing
  • Pins can get destroyed easily damaging the print head
  • Time-consuming
  • Low-density barcode printing
  • Prone to frequent jamming.

Buying Guide for the Dot Matrix printer

As dot matrix printers are mostly used in industries and offices, they need to near perfect if not completely. Here is what you should look for in a dot matrix printer before buying one:

  • Number of Pins

The clarity of the letters printed by a dot matrix printer is directly proportional to the number of pins.

  • Budget

If your printing need is limited to slips or passbooks, choose a dot matrix printer specialized for printing the same. Buying more than what you need will put pressure on your pockets, and the additional features might just go to waste.

  • Speed

A running business at service outlets calls for faster and efficient printing. While dot matrix printers give a speed ranging from 50 characters per second to 5000 characters per second, it is for you to decide what speed will suit your needs. However, most of the dot matrix printers have adjustable speeds.

  • Durability

Industrial working conditions can be harsh. Thus, choose a printer that has a strong frame to offer so that it stays for a long time. Neither less to say, the majority of the printers mentioned here are durable enough for everyday usage.

Concluding Words

The guide is put together to help the consumers choose the best dot-matrix printers for their business or personal use. It is advisable to compare what the printer is providing and what exactly one is looking for in a printer. Once that part is clear, you can go ahead and choose your desired dot matrix printer.

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