Best Cast Iron Cookware In India 2022 – Buying Guide

Cooking in cast iron cookware is both beneficial for health and adds some extra flavour to your food. Cast iron cookware is a naturally nonstick, nontoxic and long-lasting product. It is proved that cast iron cookware holds heat for a considerable length of time. These are few handpicked cast iron cookwares that are also available for online purchase.

Best Cast Iron Cookware

1) Highkind Skillet Frying Pan

Highkind cast Iron Skillet Frying pan 8 inch pre Seasoned,...

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Highkind iron frying pan is high standard pre-seasoned cookware. The range is available in two different sizes (8 inch/10.25 inches). This multipurpose cookware requires lesser oil to cook and promises healthy benefits.


  • The frying pan needs low maintenance.
  • Highkind cookware is perfect for gas stove, induction cooktop and electric cooktop use.


  • The frying pan could be a little sticky, though it depends on what you are cooking.

2) The Indus Valley Kadai

The Indus Valley Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Kadai/Kadhai for Cooking...

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The Indus Valley manufactures user-friendly and top quality cookware at a decent price. This small 8 inch Kadai gives a healthy and traditional rustic taste to your food. Indus Valley Kadai can withstand high temperatures for a long time.


  • The cast iron of this Kadai gives a healthier experience.
  • Easy to use and clean, needs minimal maintenance.


  • This Kadai can be used only in a gas stove, it does not have an induction base.
  • Indus Valley Kadai is not pre-seasoned. So after receiving it, you need to wash it first, then hit the Kadai on a medium flame for 20 minutes.

3) Tazbi Cast Iron Kadai

TAZBI Pre-Seasoned Small Cast Iron Kadai 8 Inch (Ready to...

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Tazbi cast iron Kadai is beautifully designed and handmade with the finest quality iron. This Kadai is 8 inches wide and 2.75 inches deep that gives you the best cooking experience.


  • Cooking in this iron cast Kadai adds a decent amount of trace iron in your food.
  • The handmade product is pre-seasoned and ready to use.


  • Because Tazbi Kadai is handmade, it needs proper maintenance.

4) Healthy Choice Dutch Oven

Healthy Choices 3.3 Litre Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Dutch Oven,...

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Healthy Choice dutch oven is an innovative top quality multipurpose cookware. This cookware has a capacity of 3.5 litres and comes with a pre-seasoned process. The heavy cast iron lid and metal bail handle make cooking easier. It also has two loop side handles for secure and steady use.


  • The cookware is made for this generation, easy to use and maintain.
  • Healthy Choice dutch ovens can be used in all types of heat sources like gas stove, induction cooktop, electric oven and open fire.


  • The dutch pan is a little expensive.

5) Rock Tawa Kadai

Rock Tawa 9 Inch Kadhai (Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron) Black

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Rock Tawa cast iron Kadai is a stylish 9 inch cookware. The Kadai is also pre-seasoned with sunflower oil and has a warranty of 1 year.


  • This Kadai comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Rock Tawa Kadai is pre-seasoned, so it is easy to use.


  • The quality of this product is not promising.

6) Embassy Cast Iron Skillet

Embassy Cast Iron Skillet/Frying Pan, 8 Inches, Pre-Seasoned...

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Embassy cast iron skillet is a beautifully designed 8 inch cookware that is made with the finest quality iron. The pan is already pre-seasoned with 100% vegetable oil and does not have a chemical or synthetic coating.


  • The skillet is suitable for all types of heat sources.
  • The Embassy promises to use 100% finest cast iron.
  • The pan is easy to use and clean, only needs a light hand wash.


  • The 8 inch skillet is suitable for two people, not good for family use.

7) Petals Pre Seasoned Sauce Pan

Petals Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Sauce Pan, 15cm/6inch Diameter...

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Petals cast iron saucepan has a 15 cm heavy-duty cast iron construction and pre-seasoned with vegetable oil. The saucepan is perfect for all kinds of heat options. Petals saucepan has no synthetic and chemical coating.


  • Petals cast iron saucepan has heat retention of 220 degrees Celsius.
  • This saucepan has a toxin-free surface.


  • Even this saucepan is suitable for all types of heat sources, it is not useful for Microwaves.
  • The saucepan is not dishwasher safe, it only needs a light hand wash.

8) Meyer Cast Iron Frying Pan

Meyer Induction Base Cast Iron Frying Pan, 20cm, Black, 1 Piece

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Meyer is a quite popular and reputed brand in India. The cast iron pan has a simple and beautiful design with a toxin-free coating. The frying pan comes with a canvas grip that is easy to handle. The product can be used on all types of heat options.


  • Meyer frying pan has a hassle-free lifetime warranty.
  • They use high-quality cast materials that can retain the heat longer.


  • Due to the top quality, the price is little higher than other cast iron cookware.

9) MANNAR CRAFT Preseasoned Handmade

MANNAR CRAFT Preseasoned Handmade The Finest Grade Cast Iron...

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MANNAR has beautifully designed cast iron Kadai in multiple size ranges. This Kadai is hand-seasoned by village ladies in traditional methods and promises 100% toxin and chemical-free coating.


  • This Kadai comes with various size options.
  • Mannarcraft is made with the finest grade cast iron which is also beneficial for your healthy diet.


  • Mannarcraft Kadai has a traditional look, so it is not perfect for all heat sources.

10) Wonderchef Cast Iron Casserole

Wonderchef Ferro Cast-Iron Casserole with Lid- 20cm, 2.4L, 4.5mm,...

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Wonderchef casserole is designed for old-style cooking and made with heavy cast iron. The exterior design of this casserole has a vibrant colour and also is rust and crack resistant. The beautiful casserole comes with an extra heavy lid that can improve your cooking experience.


  • The product has a 5 years warranty.
  • The inner and outer coating last forever with a little care.


  • The product is made with the latest technology, so there is no surety of toxin-free coating.
  • Wonderchef casserole quality is lesser than other products.

11) Dynamic Cast Iron Tawa

Dynamic Cookwares Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Tawa for...

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Dynamic cast iron tawa has an attractive 11 inch machine polished cooking surface. The tawa is made of heavy cast iron that improves the heat retention property. Dynamic cast iron tawa adds very nutritional and essential values on your food.


  • Dynamic tawa is useful for all types of heat surface.
  • This tawa is also pre-seasoned with organic cold-pressed cooking oil.


  • Needs to use and maintain carefully.
  • This iron tawa does not have a top-class quality.

12) Siva Naturals Kadai

Traditional Cast Iron Kadai - Small Size (7 Inches Dia, 1.2 Kg...

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Siva Naturals Kadai is a handmade traditional cookware that is made by the artisan of Tamil Nadu. The 7 inch Kadai is pre-treated with heat and oil and ready to use.


  • Siva Naturals Kadai is made with finest cast iron that can give you the best cooking experience.
  • This Kadai has a reasonable price.


  • Siva Naturals Kadai could have a rough surface.

Buying Guide for the Best Cast Iron Cookware

Cast iron cookware can improve your cooking skill and experience, also it is good for a healthier diet. But before buying it, you need to be well aware of some vital things. Here are some essential factors that you should consider before buying a cast iron cookware:

  • If the cookware is pre-seasoned

There was a time when people had to apply traditional methods to season cast iron cookware. But now, most of the manufacturers provide pre-seasoned cookware. You need to read the full description and pre seasoned process before buying a cast iron product. Please avoid if a brand is not selling pre-seasoned cookware.

  • Using of harmful chemical coating

You will find most of the brands are promising to give a toxin-free surface, but only a few of them are reliable. It is recommended to pick a well-known manufacturer to get better experiences.

  • Durability

A genuine cast iron cookware can be used for many years, but you need to be very careful about choosing the right product. Go for a reputed brand or a manufacturer that sells handmade cast iron cookware.

  • Budget

Because of the heavy cast iron construction, a cookware’s price is higher than normal nonstick cookware. When you are buying the perfect cast iron cookware, you need to be aware of the budget. Also, do not buy fancy overpriced cookware.

FAQs Regarding Best Cast Iron Cookware

Q1) Is cast iron better than nonstick cookware?

Due to the cheap price and stylish finish, nonstick cookware is a trendy product. But most of these nonstick items hold harmful enamel and chemicals. Cast iron cookware is probably hard to access, but it is way better than nonstick cookware.

Q2) Should you wash cast iron cookware on a dishwasher?

No, cast iron cookware is not suitable for dishwasher cleaning. It needs gentle hand cleaning and that makes the cookware easily usable.

Q3) Do you need to season the cookware again?

Most of the manufacturers provide pre-seasoned cookware. But if you need extra assurance, you can easily re-treat your cookware.

Q4) Do you have to buy a certified product?

Yes, it would be a good decision to buy a certified cast iron cookware. Even most of the manufacturers follow some important steps while making these products, but a certified product can clear all of your doubts.

Closing Thought

These cast iron products are the best cookware available for online purchase. So, pick the suitable one according to your requirement and budget. Please make sure to read the full description and review before buying any product.